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QNAP QNA-UC5G1T USB 5GbE Adapter Review

In our QNAP QNA-UC5G1T review, we see how this USB 3.1 Type-C to 5Gbase-T 5GbE adapter performs and how it compares to its competition

QNAP GM-1002 3U Dual ZFS NAS Review

In our QNAP GM-1002 review, we see how QNAP has integrated two ZFS-based NAS units into a single 3U chassis

USB 3.1 Gen1 to 5GbE Network Adapter Guide

In our Buyer's Guide, we summarize our USB 3.1 Gen1 to 5GbE network adapter reviews so our readers can make quick comparisons

Our SwitchNAServer or QNAP QGD-1600P Review

We take a look at the QNAP QGD-1600P that we have dubbed the "SwitchNAServer" because it combines functionality found in many SMB edge devices

QNAP QM2-2S-220A Adapter General Purpose Mini Review

We have our QNAP QM2-2S-220A adapter mini-review where we see how this dual M.2 SATA III SSD to PCIe card performs and what makes it unique

QNAP QM2-2P10G1TA Adapter General Purpose Mini Review

Our mini-review of the QNAP QM2-2P10G1TA adapter which brings 10Gbase-T and two NVMe SSDs to a single PCIe slot, with a catch in terms of performance

QNAP QuCPE Spotted at VMworld 2019

We spotted a QNAP QuCPE at VMworld 2019 that is based on an Intel Xeon D platform for applications such as SD-WAN, video analytics, and virtualization

New QNAP 10GbE SMB Switches at Computex 2019

The new QNAP QSW-308S and QSW-308-1C SMB switches offer 10GbE and 1GbE connectivity with the -1C model also offering a NBASE-T combo port

QNAP TVS-951X 9-Bay NAS for SMB Edge and Content Creators

Our QNAP TVS-951X 9-bay NAS review shows how the company combined HDD and SSD storage with 10GbE to deliver a great SMB edge and content creator solution
QNAP TS 2888X Front At SC18

QNAP TS-2888X 28-bay Deep Learning NAS Tower

At SC18 STH saw the QNAP TS-2888X 28-bay deep learning NAS tower. The QNAP TS-2888X combines a NAS, an AI server, and a workstation-like chassis in a single solution. Pricing targets the ultra-premium segment of the market, so check out our thoughts.