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Intel Sandy-Bridge Cougar Point Flaw and Editorial Analysis

Intel announced today that it has discovered a flaw in the Sandy Bridge desktop chip sets that are part of the Cougar Point family,...

Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K and H67 Chipset: A Home Server Focused...

A lot has been made of the new Intel Sandy Bridge parts. For HTPC's they are really great CPUs as they offer low power...

Entry DIY Storage Server Buyer’s Guide, December 2010

A lot of comments have been logged asking for an entry/ low-end storage DIY guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide a...

Mid-range DIY Storage Server Buyer’s Guide, December 2010

Having recently published the high-end home/ small business December 2010 buyer’s guide, I received a lot of feedback requesting items for the mid and...

High-End DIY Storage Server Buyer’s Guide, December 2010

A constant question I am asked is what is a good NAS build for various usage scenarios. Based largely on my experiences with things...

ASUS P7F-E Server Motherboard Review

ASUS is known for a fairly solid set of workstation and server motherboards. Like many vendors, ASUS uses Intel NICs on its server...

Intel SASUC8I and LSI SAS3081E-R LSI 1068e Based RAID Controller Review

Intel SASUC8I and LSI SAS3081E-R LSI 1068e Based RAID Controller Review: Great WHS, Vail, Aurora, and ZFS storage controllers.

Intel’s Atom D425 and D525 Announcement – STH’s View

Yesterday Intel announced the Atom D425 and D525 platforms targeted for small storage servers. Both chips are 1.8GHz parts with Hyper-Threading. The Atom D425...

Intel BOXDH57JG H57 mini ITX Motherboard Review

Although Intel's Atom CPUs have made a splash in the mini ITX space, many users prefer the small form factor yet want more computing...

ZOTAC NM10-A-E Motherboard Review with Atom Dual-Core D510

As one would gather from my previous Intel Atom D510 and NM10 post, I am not the biggest fan of the current D510 Atom platform with NM10 chipset. ZOTAC, to its credit, did take a rather mediocre platform and build a solid board around it. The most probable use case is a streaming media HTPC (non h.264) to a legacy 720p display. The nice thing about the ZOTAC offering is that it has quite a few expansion options for a D510/ NM10 based system, and it is ready to go out of the box.