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Inspur AIStation Login Cover

Inspur AIStation for AI Cluster Operations Management Solution

We get hands-on time with Inspur AIStation helping users and administrators manage AI cluster operations across an organization using Kubernetes

Inspur NF5488M5 Review A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server

The Inspur NF5488M5 utilizes 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 modules and employs a NVSwitch based NVLink fabric to provide a top-end 8x GPU solution in this generation
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

Favored at Facebook Habana Labs Eyes AI Training and Inferencing

Habana Labs has become a big player in the Facebook OAM ecosystem as one of the only AI startups with hardware and software for training and inferencing
Intel Nervana NNP L 1000 OAM Cover

Intel Nervana NNP-T for AI Training Hot Chips 31

At Hot Chips 31, the Intel Nervana NNP-T AI training solution saw more detailed disclosures. We go into some of the new information and what it means
Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine Size

Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine AI chip is Largest Ever

At Hot Chips 31 (2019) the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine stole the show as being an AI chip so large that it is the biggest chip possible on a 300mm wafer
Vik Malyala Supermicro

Supermicro on Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019

As part of our STH Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 Interview Series, we discuss industry trends with Vik Malyala, SVP, FAE & Business Development at Supermicro
Lenovo Scott Tease

Lenovo Discusses Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019

Scott Tease, Executive Director, HPC & AI, Lenovo Data Center Group answers our questions as part of our Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 series
Liu Jun Inspur AI And HPC

Inspur Focus on Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019

Liu Jun AVP and GM of Inspur's AI and HPC business joining our Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 series with unique perspectives in this high-growth market
NVIDIA Tesla Module

STH Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 Interview Series

We are kicking-off the STH Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 Interview Series introducing a project we have been putting together for almost two months

New MLPerf v0.6 Results Dominated by NVIDIA and Google

In the MLPerf v0.6 results, we still see NVIDIA Tesla V100 and Google TPU dominance along with new results from bigger clusters and Intel Cascade Lake generation CPU offerings