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Samsung Unveils 512GB DDR5 Memory En Route to TB Scale

At Hot Chips 33, Samsung showed off technologies around its 512GB DDR5 memory offering more performance en route to TB scale DRAM modules

Micron Computex 2021 Keynote New DDR5 NAND and SSD Offerings

During the Micron Computex 2021 keynote, we heard about advancements in PCIe Gen4 SSDs, DDR5, and CXL attached memory

Samsung CXL Memory Expander with DDR5 Launched

In a next-gen E3 2x form factor with an x16 connector, the Samsung CXL Memory Expander shows off a future option for DDR5 memory expansion

Samsung DDR5 512GB Module Shown Previews the Future

Preparing for the next-generation of server processors, the new TSV/ HKMG Samsung DDR5 512GB module is bigger, faster, and lower power