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Here is the Demo of Qualcomm Centriq Running Windows Server 2016

We have the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on Qualcomm Centriq 2400 48 core ARM server demo from the OCP Summit 2017 show floor

Trends in Server Compute 2017 – Cavium and ThunderX2

Building on momentum from the 2016 ThunderX launch we highlight the exciting prospects of the ARM-based Cavium ThunderX2 in 2017

Gigabyte R270-T61 2U Server Review – 96 core Cavium ThunderX

We review the Gigabyte R270-T61 server with dual Cavium ThunderX 48 core (96 cores total) 64-bit ARM chips. The 2U server has 24x 2.5" drive bays and 160Gbps of networking built-in.

Cavium ThunderX Benchmarks Part II: Why enterprise ARM developers need these...

If you are developing software for the data center, these Cavium ThunderX benchmarks will show you why they are the top 64-bit ARM server platform to date

Cavium ThunderX block diagrams for its four families

We have block diagrams of the four Cavium ThunderX families which show how Cavium is tailoring its ThunderX SoCs towards different applications

Gigabyte Server at Computex 2016

We had the opportunity to check out some of the new and upcoming Gigabyte server platforms at Computex 2016 and can share some of the details now.

Exploring a production Cavium ThunderX platform with a Gigabyte R120-T30 1U...

We take a look at the Gigabyte R120-T30 1U server, the first production Cavium ThunderX system we have in the data center lab

Exclusive: First Cavium ThunderX Dual 48 Core (96 core total) ARM...

We have exclusive first benchmarks of a dual socket Cavium ThunderX platform which has two 48 core ARMv8 64-bit processors for a total of 96 ARM cores.

Cavium and Gigabyte Launching 384 Core ARMv8 2U server cluster

Today Gigabyte announces a 4 node in 2U server with a total of 8x Cavium ThunderX (64-bit ARM v8) 2.5GHz processors and 384 cores

Cavium ThunderX – 48 Core ARM Design Announced

Cavium ThunderX - 48 Core ARM design for servers aimed at the Intel Xeon E5 series announced