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Arm Neoverse Brand Launched for Infrastructure Servers to Edge

With a renewed push, the new Arm Neoverse is set to be a counterpart to Cortex as the infrastructure and data center brand. Arm is launching Neoverse with a diverse set of ecosystem partners and promises a 30% performance CAGR.

Gigabyte Launches New Cavium ThunderX2 Servers

Gigabyte launches two new Cavium ThunderX2 servers each supporting dual sockets and up to 32 cores and 128 threads per socket. The Gigabyte R181-T90 is the 1U offering and the Gigabyte R281-T91 is the 2U offering. Both have large amounts of PCIe I/O, IPMI, and redundant power supplies

Updated Cavium ThunderX2 Power Consumption Results

We provide an update to our earlier testing with Cavium ThunderX2 power consumption figures and a comparison to Intel Xeon Scalable and AMD EPYC 7000 series

HPE Astra Largest Arm Supercomputer for Sandia National Labs

The US DOE's newest Supercomputer is Arm based. The Astra supercomputer for the NNSA at Sandia National Labs is based on a HPE Apollo 70 platform running Cavium ThunderX2 and Mellanox EDR Infiniband

Patrick Talks Cavium ThunderX2 and Gigabyte H261-T60 at Computex

At Computex 2018 we had the opportunity to check out the Gigabyte H261-T60 2U 4-node dual Cavium ThunderX2 server. Patrick was also interviewed about the ThunderX2 performance and ecosystem.

Cavium ThunderX2 Review and Benchmarks a Real Arm Server Option

The Cavium ThunderX2 is a complete game changer in the server CPU market. Backed by a vastly improved Arm ecosystem, the ThunderX2 features 32 high speed Arm cores capable of a total of 128 threads and 56 PCIe lanes in a single socket, or 256 threads in a dual socket server

Cavium ThunderX2 256 Thread Arm Platforms Hit General Availability

After months of announcements, the Cavium ThunderX2 platform hits general availability. We have the key specs ahead of our full review

Cavium ThunderX2 Gaining Steam with 4096 Core HPE Deployment

EPCC announced a 4096 core deployment of Cavium ThunderX2 using a HPE Apollo 70 system to accelerate porting HPC applications to ARM architectures

How to Overclock a Server and Get Faster Memory Speeds

We show you how to overclock a server and get faster memory speeds by running RAM at a higher than rated clock speed. This can ever so slightly increase your system performance and works on a variety of Intel-based servers

Gigabyte ThunderXStation using Cavium ThunderX2 Launched

The Gigabyte ThunderXStation uses up to two Cavium ThunderX2 32 core 128 thread CPUs with up to 8x DDR4 RDIMMs per CPU to speed development in a deskside 4U tower workstation format