Intel Skylake-EP Now Available (Though a Google Cloud Platform Program)

Intel Xeon E5 Skylake AI Day 2016
Intel Xeon E5 Skylake AI Day 2016

Google Cloud Platform has become the first cloud provider to offer access to Intel Skylake-EP. Skylake-EP is the next-generation architecture from Intel. We have continually discussed how Amazon and Google get CPUs well before the general public. We do not expect Skylake-EP platforms to be available before Q3 2017. What this means is that Google is leveraging its purchasing power so that it can offer chips about 1/3 of a generation before the general public can purchase them. We have little doubt that other large providers will follow suit.

Google Skylake-EP Announcement

We will note that you need to sign up for special access to be able to get on these machines so they are not general purpose on-demand instances like we saw lanched with the NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU compute instances recently. Here are a few excerpts from the blog post on the article:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the first cloud provider to offer the next generation Intel Xeon processor, codenamed Skylake…

Skylake includes Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX-512), which make it ideal for scientific modeling, genomic research, 3D rendering, data analytics and engineering simulations. When compared to previous generations, Skylake’s AVX-512 doubles the floating-point performance for the heaviest calculations…

We optimized Skylake for Google Compute Engine’s complete family of VMs — standard, highmem, highcpu and Custom Machine Types to help bring the next generation of high performance compute instances to everyone…

Skylake processors are available in five GCP regions: Western US, Eastern US, Central US, Western Europe and Eastern Asia Pacific. Sign up here to take advantage of the new Skylake processors.

(Source: Google)

Google and Intel have been seen to forge closer ties as we saw the companies present at Intel AI Day 2016 where Skylake-EP was confirmed to be shipping.

Intel AI Day 2016 Diane And Diane
Intel AI Day 2016 Diane And Diane



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