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Google Cloud Adds Ampere Altra with new Tau T2A Instances

Google Cloud now has Ampere Altra based instances with the pre-GA Tau T2A series adding another vendor with Arm server support
Google TPUv4 Versus Azure A100

Google TPUv4 Selectively Joins NVIDIA MLPerf Training 2.0

Google TPUv4 selectively joins in the NVIDIA MLPerf Training 2.0 effort dropping NVIDIA-only benchmark tests from 6 of 8 to 5 of 8

Google VCU Video Coding Unit at Hot Chips 33

We get a deeper dive into the Google VCU or video coding unit that is responsible for optimized video transcoding at YouTube and elsewhere
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

MLPerf Training v1.0 Results Still NVIDIA Led but with 500W NVIDIA...

MLPerf Training v1.0 again is primarily a NVIDIA benchmarking exercise but we see a few other interesting results in the mix

Google Cloud Tau Instances Featuring AMD EPYC 7003 Milan

The Google Cloud Tau instances (T2D) are powered by the AMD EPYC 7003 series Milan processors offering better pricing and performance

Google YouTube VCU for Warehouse-scale Video Acceleration

The Google YouTube VCU is designed for warehouse-scale video acceleration behind many of the company's popular services

Google TPUv3 Discussed at Hot Chips 32

At Hot Chips 32, Google TPUv3 took center stage in two talks. The company announced the TPUv3 in 2018 but is still guarding its hardware secrets
MLPerf 0.7 Training Cover 2

MLPerf 0.7 Training Results When Winners Only Apply

We discuss the MLPerf 0.7 results and how one company has become "the fastest" in a race of one when they are are also a race organizer

Google Cloud Confidential Computing Enabled by AMD EPYC SEV

Google Cloud Confidential Computing is available enabled by AMD EPYC 7002 SEV features. The new VMs encrypt data in memory to increase security
NVIDIA Tesla A100 In HGX A100 Board

Google Cloud NVIDIA A100 Instance Launched

First to announce A100 support, the Google Cloud NVIDIA A100 instance offering will couple up to 16x Ampere GPUs in a single HGX A100-based cloud instance with NVSwitch