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Google Chromebook Pixel Running Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

How to install Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver on a Google Chromebook Pixel to get an awesome set of user interface hardware running the latest Ubuntu release

Google Cloud Platform Now has NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU Nodes

If you want to train your AI models with the high-end, Pascal-based NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, Google GCP has you covered with new instance capabilities

Case Study on the Google TPU and GDDR5 from Hot Chips...

At Hot Chips 29 (2017) attendees were treated to a case study on the original Google TPU and what the TPU would have looked like with GDDR5

Nutanix ties up with Google Cloud Platform: The Future

Nutanix customers now have a clear path to take their hyper-converged infrastructure and using it to build a hybrid cloud with GCP
Google Tensorflow In The Datacenter

Google Cloud TPU Details Revealed

Google unveiled details about the Google Cloud TPU and that they will be making TPUs available in the Google Cloud Platform and TensorFlow Research Cloud

Google Stepping Up Efforts Against HTTP Sites October 2017

Google is intensifying their campaign against HTTP sites by marking incrementally more HTTP sites as "Not secure" in October 2017 Google Chrome 62

Intel Skylake-EP Now Available (Though a Google Cloud Platform Program)

Intel is making its next-generation processors available through a Google Cloud Platform program. You can try Intel Skylake-EP in the GCP cloud now

Google Cloud Platform with new NVIDIA GPU Support

Google Cloud Platform now has the ability to attach multiple GPUs based on the NVIDIA Tesla K80 so you can perform machine learning/ AI workloads on 8 GPU systems in the cloud

Tensorflow 1.0 Released!

Google released TensorFlow 1.0 to the public recently. We also saw a TensorFlow ready dataset in the YouTube-8M dataset get updated.

Google Analytics Spam – Getting more sophisticated with language

We follow-up on our story earlier this year about referral spam with a new form of advertising to webmasters, Google Analytics Language spam