Intel Xeon E7-8894 V4 Launched – New Top Dog

Intel Xeon E7 8800 V4 On Wafer
Intel Xeon E7 8800 V4 On Wafer

Intel has been releasing updates to its highest-end E5 and E7 chips lately. First, we saw the Intel Xeon E5-2699A V4 at SC16. Now Intel is launching the Intel Xeon E7-8894 V4 and touting its world record benchmarks which can be seen here.

Intel Xeon E7 8800 V4 On Wafer
Intel Xeon E7 8800 V4 On Wafer

The Intel Xeon E7-8894 V4 is a 24 core CPU with a base clock of 2.4GHz and a max Turbo Frequency of 3.4GHz. Interestingly enough, the max turbo frequencies are the same as the previous top chip, the Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 we benchmarked in our Dell PowerEdge R930 review. Both chips also have 60MB L3 cache. Here is an Intel ARK comparison of the two chips. As you can see, the new Intel Xeon E7-8894 V4 carries a $1724 premium for that 200MHz of base clock boost coming in at $8898 suggested retail price.

Here is the Intel announcement:

Intel today extended the performance capabilities of the Intel Xeon processor E7-8800 v4 product family with the addition of a high-performance SKU in the processor family’s Advanced SKU stack. The new SKU delivers the processor family’s highest performance to handle the most demanding, mission-critical enterprise workloads.

Businesses can use Intel Xeon processor E7-8894 v4-based servers to derive faster insights from the unprecedented amount of data being generated to create new services and improve customer experiences.

The Intel Xeon processor E7-8894 v4 combines high memory capacity and compute performance to deliver quicker results and improved productivity. The processor is targeted at scale-up workloads such as large databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), online transaction processing (OLT) and in-memory analytics. The ability to scale-up allows more resources (more sockets and more memory) to be added to a single node image.

Since its introduction in June 2016, the 14nm-based Intel Xeon processor E7-8800/4400 v4 family has delivered sustained and sizable improvements in instructions-per-cycle (IPC). Architectural and process improvements since Westmere EX E7-8800 processor family deliver up to 3.69x performance gains compared to the previous generation, which provide enterprises an opportunity for refresh and TCO optimization through server consolidation. Intel continues to push innovation and process improvements with Intel Xeon processor E7-8894 v4, which has captured several record-breaking results based on key performance benchmarks, including SAP SD 2-Tier, SPECjbb*2015, SPECcpu2006, LINPACK and SAP BW edition on SAP HANA.

To meet the increasing demands for 24x7x365 days availability and uptime for mission-critical systems, the processor has RAS capabilities on Intel® Run Sure Technology. These features are unique to the Intel Xeon processor E7 E7-8800 v4 family to reduce unplanned downtime, increase data integrity and reduce costs associated with lost revenue and service/maintenance.

The Intel Xeon processor E7-8894 v4  supports 4 to 8 sockets (up to 32 sockets via node controller) with configurations supporting up to 24 processing cores and up to 24 terabytes (TB) of memory per 8-socket system to boost in-memory analytics and achieve actionable insights in real-time.

You can read the full announcement here.


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