HPE and Cray Present HPC and AI Credentials

Cray Shasta CoolIT Liquid Cooling
Cray Shasta CoolIT Liquid Cooling

When HPE recently completed its acquisition of Cray (see Happy Cray Day HPE Completes the Acquisition) it created a juggernaut of a HPC an AI company. The Cray Shasta platform is racking up wins for the US DoE’s initial Exascale supercomputer rollout. Recently, the company showed off the accompanying¬†HPE Cray ClusterStor E1000 that also included big wins. HPE and Cray have also released their new software stack to manage clusters. The end goal is fairly clear, to make traditional HPC clusters more cloud-like to make consumption easier for a broader set of customers.

HPE and Cray Present HPC and AI Portfolio

At SC19, the HPE and Cray juggernaut gets not just to take a victory lap over what it has accomplished but also remind the market that it has a giant portfolio. This is HPE, SGI, and Cray together now.

Here is the HPC and AI stack that HPE and Cray are showing off at SC19.

HPE HPC And AI Portfolio SC19 Snapshot
HPE HPC And AI Portfolio SC19 Snapshot

What the company is setting up is that it has not just the compute, interconnect, and storage solutions for HPC, but the stack goes deeper. The company has software tooling and even financing support to make HPC as a service possible. HPE has a GreenLake Everything by 2022 or HPEaaS Strategy. As the integration of the two companies happens, it will be exciting to see how HPE is able to bring in resources such as its financial services arm and consumption metering into the HPC space.

Stay tuned as there is more we are going to cover for the two companies from SC19.

What Could Have Been

Alas, what could have been if Cray was acquired a few years ago at the time of the HPE and HPI split. Instead of HP + Enterprise, we could have had HP + Cray shortened to HPC. For the older folks reading, we know HP Compaq could have gotten us there too.


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