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HPE to Acquire Cray to Bolster HPC Capabilities

HPE announced an agreement to acquire Cray to bolster HPC capabilities as the supercomputing market enters the exascale era
Frontier System Left2

Cray and AMD Win Big Contracts for 1.5 Exaflop Frontier Supercomputer

Cray and AMD won two contracts worth over half a billion dollars for the US DoE Frontier supercomputer at ORNL that will deliver 1.5 exaflops in 2021

Cray Confirms Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 Support

Cray confirms support for the Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 series in its Shasta supercomputer platform. Xeon Platinum 8200 and Gold 6200 in other platforms

Cray Shasta Cooling by CoolIT for Over 1024 Threads Per U

We saw the new Cray Shasta liquid cooling by CoolIT Systems supporting over 1024 threads per U of rack space while lowering energy consumption

Cray CS500 Supercomputer Platform Now Features AMD EPYC

The Cray CS500 Supercomputer platform now features AMD EPYC for its supercomputer platform. The Cray CS500 offers a range of compute, interconnect, and storage options for customers. This is also a big win for AMD EPYC in the HPC market