HP EliteDesk 805 G6 Mini Review A Great AMD Ryzen 1L PC


HP ProDesk 805 G6 Mini Performance and Power Consumption

Instead of going through the entire Linux-Bench test suite, we are going to show a few performance and power numbers here to give a general sense of performance. We actually planned to do storage testing, but then we realized that there was a huge variability in terms of what drives could be found in machines.

Python Linux 4.4.2 Kernel Compile Benchmark

This is one of the most requested benchmarks for STH over the past few years. The task was simple, we have a standard configuration file, the Linux 4.4.2 kernel from kernel.org, and make the standard auto-generated configuration utilizing every thread in the system. We are expressing results in terms of compiles per hour to make the results easier to read:

AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE Linux Kernel Compile Benchmark
AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750GE Linux Kernel Compile Benchmark

AMD has absolutely blistering performance due to the Zen 2-based cores. This was the generation that AMD got more than just competitive with Intel.

7-zip Compression Performance

7-zip is a widely used compression/ decompression program that works cross-platform. We started using the program during our early days with Windows testing. It is now part of Linux-Bench.

AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE 7zip Compression Benchmark
AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750GE 7zip Compression Benchmark

On the AMD v. AMD side, the newer Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 series is notably faster. Still this 4750GE performs extremely well.

OpenSSL Performance

OpenSSL is widely used to secure communications between servers. This is an important protocol in many server stacks. We first look at our sign tests:

AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE OpenSSL Sign Benchmark
AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750GE OpenSSL Sign Benchmark

Here are the verify results:

AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 2400GE OpenSSL Verify Benchmark
AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750GE OpenSSL Verify Benchmark

AMD went from having relatively anemic CPUs in the older HP EliteDesk 705 G3 Mini generations to absolutely awesome performance in this generation. This is a big reason Dell is missing out by not supporting AMD Ryzen in this segment since AMD’s CPUs were faster, and also generally used less power.

Next, we are going to take a look at power consumption before getting to our key lessons learned and final words.

Power Consumption

Idle power consumption on 120V power we saw around 11-12W idle. We generally assume these nodes will use 9-12W idle so this is in the range that we would expect. Again, we do see power consumption creep slightly higher over time if dust accumulates in the fan/ heatsink and we had a new unit here.

The maximum we saw was around 55-58W which was quite surprising. As you would expect, you can use the adapters from the company’s notebooks with this machine. Newer 1L PCs tend to use much larger power supplies and consume more power. In this machine, the 65W PSU powered the machine plus had additional headroom for USB devices.

Next, we are going to get into our key lessons learned, and that will focus on that second NIC.


  1. You have omitted the actual value of max power consumption from this sentence:

    The maximum we saw was around (??) which was quite surprising.

  2. That PCIe white connector is that some OCuLink port for the PCIe connectivity and is that PCIe x4 or PCIe x8 connectivity(?)/whatever the PCIe provided for the Discrete GPU option there? And can that GPU later be swapped out by the End User?

  3. It’s unfortunate HP chose to make only laptop-class 35W Ryzens available in this chassis, when the EliteDesk 800 G6 is available with proper desktop-class 95W CPUs like the i9-10900K in mine. It’s also unfortunate that 10G Ethernet is not available as an option on the EliteDesk Mini line, or even Thunderbolt to use an external NIC like the QNAP I have on my Z2 Mini G4.

  4. They’ve got the NVIDIA 1660 TI version in the G8 shown for a second in the video for this. Also there are 65W TDP CPU options for these

  5. I impatiently await the day where 10Gbps NICs are an option on 1L form factor computers.

    When I can build a silent, power sipping Spark cluster in the same space as a stack of napkins, I’ll be quite thrilled.

    One thing I’ll note is if you call HP with your configuration, you can ask for a bit of an extra discount (about 10%)! I got a similarly specced ProDesk 405 Mini G8 a year ago for only about $670 taxed and shipped as a result.


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