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Dell EMC 4 node in 2U Knights Landing System Spotted

On the Dell EMC World 2016 floor we saw a Knights Landing 4-node-in-2U bootable system from the company. Intel and Dell EMC recently notched a win for the Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Stampede 2 supercomputer. We covered the original Stampede supercomputer at the initial Xeon Phi launch years ago. Dell EMC is taking advantage of this generation’s bootable format and is releasing a 4 node system that fits in 2U.

The Dell EMC 4-node-in-2U Knights Landing System

At Dell EMC World 2016 we saw a “red board” KNL system casually displayed. Red boards are development PCBs that are not a shipping product so please do keep that in mind. We see that the sled is less than half the width of a standard 19″ rack which allows for two hot-swap nodes to be installed side-by-side along with a PSU. This configuration is one we have seen from QCT, Supermicro, ASRock Rack and others.

Dell EMC 4N2U KNL System Sled
Dell EMC 4N2U KNL System Sled

One intriguing feature we saw was a 1.8″ SSD placed on the PCB. The booth representative told us it was a NVMe SSD however markings indicate that this is a  240GB 1.8″ Samsung PM863, a SATA SSD.

Dell EMC 4N2U KNL Samsung SATA SSD
Dell EMC 4N2U KNL Samsung SATA SSD

We also saw a similar 1U thermal solution to what we have seen in other servers.

Dell EMC 4N2U KNL Heatsink
Dell EMC 4N2U KNL Heatsink

We outlined for the LGA3647 socket in this video:

The four screw and two pin mounting solution should be popular in the coming months.

KNL’s Near Future: Add-in Cards

With the Supercomputing conference set to kick off in a few weeks, one area that we also see taking off is the launch of add-in card form factors for the KNL platform. We have been told that these will hit the market in the November/ December timeframe.

We do expect that this 4-node system will start shipping from Dell EMC in the next month. We would expect to get an update on these developments at Supercomputing in November.

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