AMD Computex 2019 CEO Keynote 7PM Pacific

Dr Lisa Su Unvelis AMD EPYC 2 Rome Package
Dr Lisa Su Unvelis AMD EPYC 2 Rome Package

If you want to check out Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD’s keynote at Computex 2019 you can do so online without traveling to Taipei, Taiwan.

Where to Watch AMD’s Computex 2019 CEO Keynote

Here is the YouTube link to the Computex 2019 International Press Conference & CEO Keynote live stream:

This is expected to start at 7PM Pacific on Sunday, May 26, 2019, or 10AM Monday local time. For those who have never seen the International Press Conference, it usually takes a few minutes for the CEO keynote.

What We Expect from AMD’s Computex 2019 CEO Keynote

There are a number of updates we expect from AMD at their Computex 2019 CEO keynote. The headliners we are looking for are a new AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation product with PCIe Gen4 and a chiplet design. AMD showed this off during their CES keynote so we know it is coming.

AMD Dr Lisa Su CES 2019 Keynote AMD Ryzen Under The Hood
AMD Dr Lisa Su CES 2019 Keynote AMD Ryzen Under The Hood

Beyond this, we expect an update on the company’s AMD EPYC Rome generation also based on a 7nm chiplet design with PCIe Gen4 and an IO controller hub.

Originally it was expected that we would see the Navi GPU generation launched at Computex 2019. The company has since said that next week at E3 it expects to have an event and we expect that is where we will see Navi formally released. We expect that at Computex 2019 there will be some more teaser information coming out.

AMD should also address a pre-emptive competitive response to Intel Ice Lake which Intel teased with their Gen11 graphics. To get ahead of AMD’s keynote, Intel Computex 2019 Preview Included the 5GHz All Core i9-9900KS and Ice Lake. NVIDIA will hold their press conference a few hours after AMD and Intel will follow a day later.

Final Words

AMD’s 7nm chiplet generation of CPUs for both the desktop and server markets will be one of the most anticipated CPU developments in 2019. Computex 2019 should provide the true kick-off of this generation. STH will have more from Taipei as it unfolds.


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