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Tyan Thunder HX FT83A B7129 GPU Board 1

Tyan Thunder HX FT83A-B7129 10x GPU System Review

In our Tyan Thunder HX FT83A-B7129 review, we see how this 10x GPU Intel Xeon platform performs and look at some of the generational upgrades

Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 Video Overview

We take a look at the Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 AMD EPYC GPU compute tower server in a video after our STH main site review

Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 AMD EPYC GPU Pedestal Server Review

The Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 is a 4U pedestal server that uses an AMD EPYC processor designed to cool four GPUs or accelerators at the edge

Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Architecture Day 2021 Discussion

At Intel Architecture Day 2021, we got new details on the Xe HPG renamed the Intel Alchemist GPU slated for early 2022 release

Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545 Review AMD EPYC and NVIDIA Redstone Server

In our Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545 review, we see how this AMD EPYC 7003 and NVIDIA A100 "Redstone" platform brings high-end GPUs to Dell users

Intel Ponte Vecchio is a Spaceship of a GPU

The Intel Ponte Vecchio is a spaceship of a GPU that required Intel's chipbuilders to innovate across many vectors

CPU-GPU-NIC PCIe Card Realized with NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100

As a precursor to Grace, we found the NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100 combining an Arm CPU, Mellanox NIC, A100 GPU, memory, storage, and maybe NVLink

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Shown in Public

This week we got a glimpse of the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU that will power the company's mid-range desktop GPU offerings when launched

Intel Xe HPC Ponte Vecchio Shows Next-Gen Packaging Direction

Today Intel showed off Ponte Vecchio, the Intel Xe HPC GPU that shows next-level silicon packaging integration

Intel Server GPU Shown for Video Transcoding Applications

The Intel Server GPU, based on Xe LP, is designed to be used in swarms to meet demands for video transcoding and cloud gaming