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CPU-GPU-NIC PCIe Card Realized with NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100

As a precursor to Grace, we found the NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100 combining an Arm CPU, Mellanox NIC, A100 GPU, memory, storage, and maybe NVLink

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Shown in Public

This week we got a glimpse of the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU that will power the company's mid-range desktop GPU offerings when launched

Intel Xe HPC Ponte Vecchio Shows Next-Gen Packaging Direction

Today Intel showed off Ponte Vecchio, the Intel Xe HPC GPU that shows next-level silicon packaging integration

Intel Server GPU Shown for Video Transcoding Applications

The Intel Server GPU, based on Xe LP, is designed to be used in swarms to meet demands for video transcoding and cloud gaming

Intel Xe SG1 HP and DG1 at Architecture Day 2020

At Intel Architecture Day 2020, we get a glimpse of the Intel Xe SG1 and Xe HP GPUs along with some updates on Xe LP and the Xe HPG offerings

New NVIDIA A100 PCIe Add-in Card Launched

New NVIDIA A100 PCIe edition offers Ampere generation GPU compute with AI acceleration in a PCIe form factor

Intel Xe HPC GPU is Something to Get Excited About

Announced at SC19, the Intel Xe HPC GPU is something to get excited about incorporating features like CXL and a new Rambo cache

AMD Embedded Radeon E9560 and E9390 GPUs Launched

New AMD Embedded Radeon E9560 and E9390 GPUs are designed to bring Polaris availability into 2022 for the embedded market.

AMD Computex 2019 CEO Keynote 7PM Pacific

You can check the Computex 2019 CEO keynote from AMD's Dr. Lisa Su where we are expecting the formal commencement of AMD's 7nm chiplet generation
10x NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI FE Plus Mellanox Top

How Intel Xeon Changes Impacted Single Root Deep Learning Servers

We show how changes in the Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake-SP and Cascade Lake) PCIe complexes impacted the ability of the industry to provide single root deep learning and AI servers for the key industry segment