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A 16x NVIDIA GPU 128 Core Arm Server Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with...

We review the Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with 16x NVIDIA Ampere 16GB GPUs and 128 Ampere Altra Max Arm cores designed for cloud deployments

New Intel Data Center GPU Max at SC22 Including PCIe and...

Ponte Vecchio gets branding with the new Intel Data Center GPU Max series with PCIe and OAM models ahead of SC22 next week

Intel Ponte Vecchio Liquid Cooled OAM Package at Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, we saw the Intel Ponte Vecchio package and even got to hold the liquid cooled OAM module

Intel Arc A770 with a Special Twist at Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, we saw the Intel Arc A770 with a fun backstory while Intel confirmed it will not restrict Arc in the data center

ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T Review 1U 2-Node AMD EPYC GPU Server

In our ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T review, we see how this 1U 2-node AMD EPYC GPU server differs from anything else we have reviewed

Intel Brands Arctic Sound-M as Intel Flex Series Data Center GPUs

Intel has branded the Arctic Sound-M series of data center GPUs as Intel Flex 140 and Flex 170 as it enters a new data center GPU market

Biren BR100 GPU for Datacenter Compute and AI Workloads

The Biren BR100 is a new server GPU shown at Hot Chips 34. We discuss the new GPU and make our guess as who makes the Hearten server

Intel Arc A380 GPU is Out in China

The Intel Arc A380 is now out in China with the Gunnir Intel Arc A380 Photon 6G OC showing a rather pedestrian entry into the desktop market

Intel Arctic Sound-M from Intel Vision 2022

We saw the 150W and 75W Intel Arctic Sound-M data center GPUs at Intel Vision 2022 and heard a bit about the target applications

NVIDIA Open Sources GPU Drivers for Linux

In a fun announcement, NVIDIA is open sourcing its GPU drivers for Linux so they are now on GitHub. This is a big pivot