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Updated AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Core Counts Over Time

We update our AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon core counts from 2010-2023 with the new AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa and Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors

AMD Genoa-X Trending to Over 1.1GB of L3 Cache Based on...

The launch of the new 16-core AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, 12-core 7900X3D, and 8-core 7800X3D points to AMD Genoa-X having over 1.1GB of L3 cache

Massive Microsoft Azure HBv4 AMD EPYC Genoa Heatsink

We take a look at the massive Microsoft Azure HBv4 heatsink that cools two AMD EPYC 9004 "Genoa" CPUs dwarfing others we have seen
ASUS ESC4000A E11 Overview Front

ASUS ESC4000A-E11 Review 2U 1P AMD EPYC and Instinct GPU Server

In our ASUS ESC4000A-E11 review, we see what this AMD EPYC platform offers paired with AMD Instinct MI210 PCIe accelerators

Microsoft Azure at SC22 and The Enormous AMD EPYC Genoa Heatsink...

Microsoft Azure HBv4 servers had the unique distinction of having the coolest AMD EPYC Genoa heatsink design at SC22

Inspur Shows AMD EPYC Genoa and Major OAM Liquid Cooled Server...

Inspur showed off new AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa servers at SC22 along with a liquid cooled OAM server and the company's new naming convention

Gigabyte has a 48 DIMM 2P AMD EPYC Genoa GPU Server...

At SC22, we saw a Gigabyte GPU server with 48x DDR5 DIMM slots. We also saw a STH video on display and an Ampere Altra Arm with NVIDIA server

AIC Pump-less Two Phase Cooling and AMD Genoa Edge at SC22

At SC22, we saw a pump-less liquid cooling solution for server CPUs and a unique AMD EPYC Genoa edge server with removable hot-swap cages

AMD EPYC Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon in Stunning Fashion

AMD EPYC 9004 "Genoa" gaps Intel Xeon in stunning fashion with 96 cores, PCIe Gen5, and DDR5 and massive performance gains

Dynatron J10 2U AMD EPYC Genoa Heatsink and Fan Unit

The Dynatron J10 for 2U AMD EPYC Genoa servers covers the larger SP5 socket and higher TDPs than its predecessor