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AMD EPYC Rome Details Trickle Out 64 Cores 128 Threads Per...

At Computex 2018, AMD disclosed new EPYC servers from Cisco and HPE along with a new cloud offering. The major announcement was around the 64 core/ 128 thread next-generation AMD EPYC codenamed Rome that will arrive in 2019

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Adopts 1P 1U AMD EPYC

Joining the EPYC value bandwagon, the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 adopts a single socket AMD EPYC 7000 series server platform all in 1U with 10x NVMe SSDs

Proxmox VE 5.2 and AMD EPYC it Works Great

We put Proxmox VE 5.2 on a number of AMD EPYC test systems to see how the latest version of the open source virtualization and storage framework performs.

Supermicro AS-1123US-TR4 Server Review 1U Dual AMD EPYC

Our Supermicro AS-1123US-TR4 server review. This is a 1U dual AMD EPYC platform that can support up to 4TB of RAM, 10x 2.5" drives, and up to 4x PCIe expansion cards making it highly customizable

AMD This is EPYC Campaign and AMD EPYC Updates

The new AMD This is EPYC Campaign is an aggressive marketing push by AMD to push EPYC against Intel Xeon Scalable as we get further into the product cycle

Supermicro AS-1013S-MTR 1U 1-Socket AMD EPYC Server Review

If you are in the dedicated hosting business, the Supermicro AS-1013S-MTR 1U 1-Socket AMD EPYC 7000 series server is the platform you want to look at. We found a quick to deploy server perfect for the web hosting market

AMD EPYC 7501 Benchmarks and Review 32 Cores Per Socket

In our AMD EPYC 7501 benchmarks and review, we show why the entry-level 32 core and 64 thread CPU is an excellent value if you have per socket or per server licensing

Cray CS500 Supercomputer Platform Now Features AMD EPYC

The Cray CS500 Supercomputer platform now features AMD EPYC for its supercomputer platform. The Cray CS500 offers a range of compute, interconnect, and storage options for customers. This is also a big win for AMD EPYC in the HPC market

Supermicro AS-4023S-TRT Review Dual AMD EPYC 4U Tower Server

Our Supermicro AS-4023S-TRT review is of a dual AMD EPYC 4U tower server that can be installed either in pedestal or rackmount configurations for branch office deployments

AMD EPYC 7451 Benchmarks and Review 24 Cores of EPYC Fury

We share some AMD EPYC 7451 benchmarks and show why this top tier 24-core part is unique in the marketplace and how it competes with Intel Xeon Scalable in our review