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Frontier System Left2

Cray and AMD Win Big Contracts for 1.5 Exaflop Frontier Supercomputer

Cray and AMD won two contracts worth over half a billion dollars for the US DoE Frontier supercomputer at ORNL that will deliver 1.5 exaflops in 2021

AWS EC2 T3a Instances Available with AMD EPYC

New AWS EC2 T3a instances are now available with AMD EPYC CPUs offering a ten percent discount over Intel-based T3 burstable instance offerings

Gigabyte H261-Z61 Server Review 2U4N AMD EPYC with NVMe

Our Gigabyte H261-Z61 review shows how this 2U 4-node (2U4N) AMD EPYC server performs and how one can install up to 256 cores, 16x 2.5" SATA SSDs, and 16x NVMe SSDs inside this dense compute platform

Why AMD EPYC Rome 2P Will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 Lanes...

We explain why AMD EPYC Rome dual socket systems will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 lanes and extra lanes for features like BMCs

AIC HP101-AG1U Dual Node AMD EPYC Compute Server

AIC HP101-AG1U dual node AMD EPYC compute server is purpose-built for the low-cost and high-density dedicated hosting server market
Gigabyte W291 Z00 Front And Three Quarter

Gigabyte W291-Z00 Review an AMD EPYC GPU Tower Server

In our Gigabyte W291-Z00 review, we show what this AMD EPYC based GPU compute tower platform has to offer using 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs

Gigabyte MZ01-CE1 Review an AMD EPYC ATX GPU Motherboard

Our Gigabyte MZ01-CE1 review shows the key features and design considerations of this AMD EPYC ATX GPU motherboard including testing with 4x Tesla V100 GPUs

AMD EPYC 3101 Benchmarks and Review A Lower-End Part

Our AMD EPYC 3101 benchmarks and review show what the low-end AMD EPYC 3000 series embedded CPU can do compared to Intel Xeon D and Intel Atom CPUs

AMD EPYC 3201 8-Core Benchmarks Review and Milestone

Our AMD EPYC 3201 review and benchmarks show why this 8 core 30W TDP embedded part has what it takes to be successful in a crowded embedded CPU space

AMD EPYC Market Share Gains in 2018 Our Take

We give our take and context on the reported AMD EPYC market share gains in 2018 and discuss why 2019 is set to be an even more exciting year in the industry