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AMD EPYC 7251 Linux Benchmarks and Review the Entry EPYC

Our AMD EPYC 7251 Linux Benchmarks and review of the entry EPYC that will get many buyers interested in the new AMD platform

AMD EPYC 7301 Linux Benchmarks and Review

Our benchmarks and review of the AMD EPYC 7301 16 core, 32 thread CPU with a whopping 64MB L3 cache and up to 128 PCIe lanes for high speed I/O

Single Socket AMD EPYC 7000 FAQ Answers to Common Questions

We provide answers to the most popular questions we are getting about the AMD EPYC single socket parts in a friendly FAQ style format

AMD EPYC’s Extraordinarily Aggressive Single Socket Mainstream Pricing

We break down pricing models between Intel Xeon Scalable and AMD's extremely aggressive single socket pricing model with the AMD EPYC 7100 series

AMD EPYC 7401P Linux Benchmarks and Review – Something Special

We review the 24 core, 48 thread monster that AMD is selling for only $1075. The AMD EPYC 7401P is truly something special in our performance benchmarks

AMD EPYC 7281 Dual Socket Linux Benchmarks and Review

We have our Linux benchmarks and review of dual AMD EPYC 7281 processors and a comparison to Intel Xeon Silver and Gold CPUs

AMD EPYC 7351P Single Socket CPU Linux Benchmarks and Review

Our AMD EPYC 7351P linux benchmarks and review includes a comparison to other AMD EPYC CPUs under $1000 and the entire Intel Xeon Silver line

Dual AMD EPYC 7251 Linux Benchmarks Least Expensive 2P EPYC

We take a look at the lowest-cost dual AMD EPYC 7251 configuration and provide linux benchmarks and our review of the platform

Updated HPE CloudLine CL3150 with AMD EPYC Spotted at VMworld 2017

We spot a new updated HPE CloudLine CL3150 design featuring AMD EPYC at VMworld 2017 with major chassis changes and a SATA boot drive option

AMD EPYC Infinity Fabric Update and MCM Cost Savings

At Hot Chips 29 new details were released regarding AMD EPYC Infinity Fabric and the cost savings from moving to a MCM approach