Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 2U 28-bay AMD EPYC Server Review


Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 Power Consumption

For this, we wanted to get some sense of how much power the system is using with a 64 core CPU and 256GB of memory. We thought it would be important to give a range.

  • Idle: 0.11kW
  • STH 70% CPU Load: 0.31kW
  • 100% Load: 0.35kW
  • Maximum Recorded: 0.42kW

That is a great overall showing and is in-line with a midrange dual Intel Xeon server with fewer combined cores. It is now possible to run three to four of these servers per kW for most virtualization workloads. That is excellent.

Note these results were taken using a 208V Schneider Electric / APC PDU at 17.5C and 71% RH. Our testing window shown here had a +/- 0.3C and +/- 2% RH variance.

STH Server Spider: Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036

In the second half of 2018, we introduced the STH Server Spider as a quick reference to where a server system’s aptitude lies. Our goal is to start giving a quick visual depiction of the types of parameters that a server is targeted at.

STH Server Spider Tyan TS65A B8036
STH Server Spider Tyan TS65A B8036

The Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 is not the densest server as a single socket 2U platform. At the same time, using AMD EPYC, it is a very well rounded server with an emphasis on high-performance storage and expansion for networking and accelerators. Some platforms emphasize a single area while this is a platform that has a lot to offer across a number of different vectors.

Final Words

Overall, we found the Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 to work well. The system powered on, installed OSes, and everything worked out of the box. Tyan has done a great job on smaller elements of chassis design such as using tool-less drive trays and even M.2 configuration to make their platforms significantly easier to configure and service.

The overall management interface has seen a major uplift since the last version we tested and the performance, as well as the overall user experience, is much improved. We hope Tyan continues to invest in the solution adding next-level features such as reboot to BIOS and BIOS configuration options. We also hope that Tyan servers come standard with tool-less rails in the box. Make sure you check with your sales rep that the server you order has these included. Some organizations do not want to pay the marginal cost for tool-less rails, but we have been pushing all vendors to offer them standard as they are a major time saver in the data center.

What is clear is that the Tyan Transport SX TS65A-B8036 has an enormous amount of flexibility in a relatively compact 2U form factor. Taking advantage of the single-socket AMD EPYC design allows Tyan to make an expandable system with lots of configuration possibilities.

Where to Buy

We have gotten a lot of questions asking where one can buy these servers. That is pretty common since some of the gear is harder to find online. ThinkMate has these servers on their configurator, so we are going to point folks there:

Let us know if you find this helpful and we can include in future reviews as well.


  1. 1- You forgot to mention that there is a with 28x SATA model
    2- I don’t agree with your assessment of the capacity storage ranking of the unit. It could support more that 170TB+ of storage using 24x 7.36TB SATA and NVMe drives. I don’t know of many places which need more than that (if they do they have other problems ;-])
    3- It is unfortunate that Tyan “cheaped” out on onboard NICs, they could have used 2x 10Gbe-T instead of the legacy 1Gbe-T ports
    4- Finally, it is unfortunate that Tyan doesn’t bother with getting Windows certification for their servers, this system would be ideal for a Windows 2019 Storage Spaces Direct solution I am currently designing/planning.

  2. I agree with you on point 2, running 3-6 of these chassis populated out and you can have a lot of commodity flash for your backend. Even running vSAN would probably perform pretty well.
    On point 3, meh. Do you really need it since you can run the dual 25g which is adequate for most storage/replication workloads and then you can run a mcx516a if you need more throughput
    4. People still use Windows for storage? I’m curious about your environment now.

  3. Yay! Finally!

    Tyan has, by far, the best AMD EPYC Rome story going today.

    I was beginning to wonder if STH was biased towards Gigabyte. 😉

    @Rob D, yes please. We have plans for the entire Tyan AMD EPYC Rome line with regards to Azure Stack HCI certification (Fred S. is our Tyan contact).

  4. @Philip E,

    I would be thrilled for Tyan to offer servers with Azure Stack HCI certification!

    But I would be very happy just for the “basic” Windows 2019 (+ SDDC Premium) certification given that the Windows Server Catalog only has 1 Tyan server system listed (period) with only 2008R2 certification ;-(.


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