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Intel Server GPU Shown for Video Transcoding Applications

The Intel Server GPU, based on Xe LP, is designed to be used in swarms to meet demands for video transcoding and cloud gaming

Intel Xe SG1 HP and DG1 at Architecture Day 2020

At Intel Architecture Day 2020, we get a glimpse of the Intel Xe SG1 and Xe HP GPUs along with some updates on Xe LP and the Xe HPG offerings

Intel Xe DG1 Sampling to Developers

At CES 2020, the Intel Xe DG1 made its debut full of flair for a kit designed to enable software developers to work on the forthcoming platform

Intel Xe HPC GPU is Something to Get Excited About

Announced at SC19, the Intel Xe HPC GPU is something to get excited about incorporating features like CXL and a new Rambo cache

Great 2021 Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids with Xe Ponte Vecchio GPU...

At SC19 Intel is showing all the right components for its upcoming 2021 exascale architecture with Xeon Sapphire Rapids, Xe Ponte Vecchio GPU, and oneAPI