Intel Ponte Vecchio Video after Architecture Day and Hot Chips

Intel Ponte Vecchio Spaceship GPU Web Cover
Intel Ponte Vecchio Spaceship GPU Web Cover

This is a bit of a catch-up. A few days ago we covered the new Intel Xe HPC GPU in Intel Ponte Vecchio is a Spaceship of a GPU. Between Intel Architecture Day 2021, and Hot Chips 33, we published about a month’s worth of STH content in a five-day period. As a result, the video for that piece was delayed a few days.

Intel Ponte Vecchio Video after Architecture Day and Hot Chips

In the video, like the article that came out a few days ago, we go into why the Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU required a lot of innovation. It is a major leap forward in humanity’s ability to create new processing packages. As a result, we call the upcoming GPU a “spaceship” and those that build the chip version of the spaceship, “chipbuilders.” We did have a small number of new details on Ponte Vecchio at Hot Chips 33 this week that have been incorporated, but there was not enough new this week to warrant a new article on the subject. Intel largely showed the same slides, but with a small handful of changes.

Here is the video if you want to listen and work around the house this weekend:

As always we suggest opening the video in another tab, window, or the YouTube app for a better viewing experience.

Final Words

We are a bit backed up at STH and have a number of big reviews coming in the next few days. Still, we wanted this video to get some air time since it took work to get out.

Hopefully, as we transition into September between the big move and summer vacation season ending we get back into our normal operating rhythm. We have a number of very cool projects that are coming out over the coming few weeks so it is going to be worth subscribing to the STH YouTube channel. We will still have web versions of our articles, this is just an occasion where the web version came out before the video version due to time constraints.


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