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AMD EPYC 7351P Single Socket CPU Linux Benchmarks and Review

Our AMD EPYC 7351P linux benchmarks and review includes a comparison to other AMD EPYC CPUs under $1000 and the entire Intel Xeon Silver line

Intel Xeon Silver 4114 Linux Benchmarks and Review

We have Linux benchmarks and a review of the Intel Xeon Silver 4114 10 core / 20 thread CPU and comparisons to older gens, dual Xeon Silver and AMD EPYC

Supermicro SuperStorage SSG-5029P-E1CTR12L 2U Storage Server Review

We review the Supermicro SuperStorage SSG-5029P-E1CTR12L 2U storage server based on Intel Xeon Scalable with SAS3 and NVMe support

Dell EMC DSS 9000 with Intel Rack Scale Design Launched

Dell EMC DSS 9000 with Intel Rack Scale Design launched to meet the needs of large enterprises and service providers looking for scalable hardware platforms

Intel Skylake Omni-Path Fabric Does Not Work on Every Server and...

We investigated and confirmed that Intel Xeon Scalable, codenamed Skylake-SP, Omni-Path Fabric SKUs do not work on every server and motherboard

Intel Xeon Silver 4108 Linux Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Silver 4108 Linux benchmarks and review, we take the successor to the Intel Xeon E5-2620 (V1-V4) through our benchmark suite and compare

Intel Xeon Silver 4112 Linux Benchmarks and Review

We benchmark and review the Intel Xeon Silver 4112 in Linux comparing it to the Bronze, Silver 4108, 4110, Xeon D, Xeon E5 and Xeon E3 CPUs

Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 v E5-2603 V3 and V4 Three Generations...

We compare the Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 to its two immediate predecessors: the Intel Xeon E5-2603 V4 and V3 generations to see how much performance improves

Supermicro X11DPi-NT E-ATX Motherboard Review

Our review of the Supermicro X11DPi-NT E-ATX motherboard. We find a 2Pplatform that has ample SATA 3, PCIe, NVMe expansion onboard with 10Gbase-T networking

Tyan Thunder HX GA88-B5631 Server Review 4x GPU in 1U

We review the Tyan Thunder HX GA88-B5631 1U server with four NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition cards to see how the revolutionary architecture performs

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Why AMD EPYC Obliterates Threadripper In Monero And Cryptonight Mining Summary

AMD EPYC Obliterates Threadripper in Monero and Cryptonight Mining

We show why AMD EPYC simply obliterates Threadripper in Monero and Cryptonight mining with higher performance and transformatively better power efficiency
Intel Xeon D 2100 Series SoC Architecture

Exploring Intel Xeon D Evolution from Xeon D-1500 to Xeon D-2100

We show how the Intel Xeon D has evolved since its introduction into a higher power and performance part. We also show the performance of the Intel Xeon D-2100, Xeon D-1500, and Atom C3000 series CPUs at the high and low ends
Gigabyte MB51 PS0 Three Quarter

Gigabyte MB51-PS0 Intel Xeon D-2100 Series Launch Platform

Armed with a 16 core Intel Xeon D-2183IT CPU, the Gigabyte MB51-PS0 is an ATX platform that exposes an absolute maximum of the Intel Xeon D-2100 series functionality