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How the Intel Xeon Platinum is a Marketing Headache

With the launch of Xeon Scalable, Intel did away with the Xeon E7 and E5 brands. Instead, it introduced the precious metals and the Intel Xeon Platinum has been a marketing headache ever since. We explore some of the reasons why and what we are doing about it

Gigabyte R281-G30 Versatile Compute Platform Review

In our Gigabyte R281-G30 review we find the 2U server to be a versatile compute platform capable of extracting value from Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs

Intel Xeon Gold 6152 Benchmarks and Review Top Core Count Xeon...

We take a look at the Intel Xeon Gold 6152 in our benchmarks and review of the top core count Xeon Gold 6100 series CPU and compare it to other Intel Xeon offerings as well as AMD EPYC 7000 series CPUs
Gigabyte G481 HA0 Three Quarter

New Gigabyte G481-HA0 and G481-S80 GPU Compute Servers

New Gigabyte G481-HA0 and G481-S80 GPU compute servers target the deep learning and AI communities with purpose-built innovative GPU server designs

Intel Xeon Gold 6138 Benchmarks and Review 20 Power Efficient Cores

Offering 20 cores and 40 threads our Intel Xeon Gold 6138 benchmarks and review show one of Intel Xeon Scalable series' most efficient CPUs balancing great performance with low power consumption

Intel Xeon Gold 6136 Benchmarks and Review 12 High-Speed Cores

We share our Intel Xeon Gold 6136 benchmarks and review. These CPUs have 12 high-speed cores and extra cache which make them a nice balance of single and multi-threaded performance. We also have power consumption data from our testing

Intel Xeon Gold 6134 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Gold 6134 benchmarks and review shows why this is an attractive CPU for per-core license optimization efforts. We also have power consumption information along with our thoughts on market positioning

Intel Xeon Platinum 8158 v Intel Xeon Gold 6136 Differences

We investigate Intel Xeon Platinum 8158 v Intel Xeon Gold 6136 differences and why the former is a $7007 CPU while the latter is a $2460 CPU. It turns out, we got it wrong as did just about every other technology site

Intel Xeon Gold 6132 Benchmarks and Review

We continue our benchmark every server CPU project with our Intel Xeon Gold 6132 benchmarks and review. We also have power consumption information along with our thoughts on market positioning

Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5119T Review Lowest Power 14 Core On...

We benchmark and review dual Intel Xeon Gold 5119T processors which are the lowest power 14 core CPUs on the market today