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Gigabyte R181-NA0 1U 10x U.2 NVMe Server Review

Our Gigabyte R181-NA0 1U 10x U.2 NVMe server review. We show why this Intel Xeon Scalable platform is the go-to form factor for hyper-converged and software-defined storage platforms
DeepLearning12 Hardware Overview Title

A Quick Hardware Overview of DeepLearning12 8x NVIDIA Tesla Server

We have a quick hardware overview of DeepLearning12, our 8x NVIDIA Tesla server with NVLink. This includes a short video tour of the Gigabyte G481-S80 server platform we built DeepLearning12 upon.

Intel Xeon Gold 6130 Benchmarks and Review A Great SKU

We explore what may be the best balance in the Intel Xeon Scalable range in our Intel Xeon Gold 6130 benchmarks and review. This 16 core CPU is an example of a major upgrade over the previous Xeon E5-2600 V4 generation

Noctua NH-U14S DX-3647 Intel Xeon Scalable LGA3647 Cooler Review

If you are using an Intel Xeon Scalable workstation and need an efficient cooler, the Noctua NH-U14S DX-3647 will maintain class leading temperatures while minimizing noise

Intel Xeon Gold 5120 Benchmarks and Review New Level of Redundancy

In our Intel Xeon Gold 5120 benchmarks and review we show why the chip achieves a new level of redundancy within the Skylake-SP SKU stack

Intel Xeon Gold 5117 Benchmarks and Review Why Bother

We have our Intel Xeon Gold 5117 benchmarks and review. This 14 core Intel Xeon Scalable CPU left us wondering, why even bother with the SKU? We present benchmark data then talk about its place in the market.

Next-Gen Intel Cascade Lake 28C Supporting 3.84TB Memory

We piece together Intel Cascade Lake information and find that the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs should be able to support more than twice the amount of memory as this generation with at least 3.84TB per socket with Intel Optane Persistent Memory

How the Intel Xeon Platinum is a Marketing Headache

With the launch of Xeon Scalable, Intel did away with the Xeon E7 and E5 brands. Instead, it introduced the precious metals and the Intel Xeon Platinum has been a marketing headache ever since. We explore some of the reasons why and what we are doing about it

Gigabyte R281-G30 Versatile Compute Platform Review

In our Gigabyte R281-G30 review we find the 2U server to be a versatile compute platform capable of extracting value from Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs

Intel Xeon Gold 6152 Benchmarks and Review Top Core Count Xeon...

We take a look at the Intel Xeon Gold 6152 in our benchmarks and review of the top core count Xeon Gold 6100 series CPU and compare it to other Intel Xeon offerings as well as AMD EPYC 7000 series CPUs