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Oracle Shows 1060 Raspberry Pi Supercomputer at OOW

At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, the company had something unique: a 1060 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ cluster it calls the Raspberry Pi Supercomputer.

AoA Analysis Marvell ThunderX2 Equals 190 Raspberry Pi 4

We look at Arm-on-Arm (AoA) performance to see how many Raspberry Pi 4 4GB nodes one Marvell ThunderX2 64 core and 256 thread server replaces and the cost

BitScope Raspberry Pi Cluster for 3000 Cores in 30U

At SC17 Los Alamos National Lab and BitScope showed off a 3000 core in 30U solution using 750 Raspberry Pi nodes to form a low power development cluster

Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB Linux Test Suite Benchmarks

We decided to benchmark the Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB with our Linux test suite to start adding ARM benchmarks to the test result set