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October 6, 2014

How to Setup Hyper-V Replication

A quick guide on how to setup Hyper-V replication. It should only take 5-10 minutes at most to get two free Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 servers to replicate
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February 5, 2014

Change Hyper-V Network Category from Public to Private using Powershell

How to change the Hyper-V Network Category from Public to Private using PowerShell so features like Remote Desktop work after they are enabled
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January 29, 2013

Converting Hyper-V Virtual Machines to ESXi Virtual Machines

A guide to converting Hyper-V virtual machines to VMware ESXi virtual machines using the Starwind V2V converter.
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December 4, 2012

Complete Server Setup with a Microsoft Surface and Hyper-V

For those reading my posts on the Microsoft Surface, I have mixed feelings about the device. It has a great form factor. An awesome set of inputs (keyboard, mouse and touch) all in one easy to carry form factor. Sure, I have had two Microsoft Surface Touch Cover failures in the first month, but I still think it is a great input combination. Windows RT is a good start, but there is still a lot locked down. For Office applications, it can do most of what you would want it to. For server administration, it is a bit lacking. There are a few things that I still cannot do on the Microsoft Surface which have limited my use. However, with Windows 8 Hyper-V I now have a solution that works [...]

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