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Gigabyte MX11-PC0 Review Part II: Power and Performance

We have part II of our Gigabyte MX11-PC0 review with performance figures and a final rating. This is an excellent mITX Xeon E3 platform with NVMe support

First look at Gigabyte MX11-PC0 NVMe Enabled Server Board

The Gigabyte MX11-PC0 is the first Gigabyte server motherboard to be released with a mini-SAS HD (U.2) connector for internal 2.5" NVMe storage.

Gigabyte Launches four new Intel Xeon D motherboards

We received word that Gigabyte is launching four new Intel Xeon D motherboards based on the updated processors. Two of the motherboards have 10GbE SFP+!

Gigabyte NVMe servers include a new 4-in-2U offering

Gigabyte released two new NVMe servers: a 1U with 8x SATA and 2x NVMe storage server and a 4 nodes in 2U high density NVMe cluster server

Gigabyte R280-G2O GPU/GPGPU Rackmount Server Review

Our Gigabyte R280-G2O GPU/GPGPU rackmount server review. The 2U machine is designed for housing three GPUs and has 24 storage bays

Gigabyte Intel C236 motherboards for Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 CPUs

A look at the new Gigabyte motherboards for the Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 familiy of processors

Gigabyte MW70-3S0 Review – A Dual Socket Xeon E5 Workstation Motherboard

Hot off Gigabytes announcement of their latest workstation motherboard release, the MW70-3S0. GIGABYTE Presents Its Latest Dual Socket Workstation Motherboard, we now have one...

Exclusive: Gigabyte – Annapurna Labs ARM storage server benchmarks

We have exclusive benchmarks of the Gigabyte - Annapurna Labs ARM server benchmarks. We specifically benchmark the Annapurna Labs Alpine AL5140 and compare

Cavium and Gigabyte Launching 384 Core ARMv8 2U server cluster

Today Gigabyte announces a 4 node in 2U server with a total of 8x Cavium ThunderX (64-bit ARM v8) 2.5GHz processors and 384 cores

Gigabyte releases ARM server based on AppliedMicro X-Gene

The Gigabyte MP30-AR0 is a new ARM based server platform built with the AppliedMicro X-Gene SoC. The low power 1U R120-P30 server platform includes one