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TRENDnet TEG-S380 8-port 2.5GbE Switch Review

In our TRENDnet TEG-S380 review, we see how this 8-port 2.5GbE unmanaged switch performs as the lowest-cost version we could find

Key Differences of PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ Switches a STH...

We discuss the key differences of PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ switches and what that means for devices along with a handy chart you can use to keep track

NVIDIA Acquires Mellanox Bringing a Major Shift

NVIDIA completing its acquisition of Mellanox signals a major shift in the data center. A lot has changed since the deal was announced

SFP+ to 10Gbase-T Adapter Module Buyers Guide

Our buyer's guide for SFP+ to 10Gbase-T adapters. We purchased nine popular models and tested their performance, power consumption, and Nbase-T support

Broadcom StrataXGS Trident 4 7nm 32x400GbE Switch ASIC Sampling

The new Broadcom StrataXGS Trident 4 BCM56880 is a 7nm switch chip designed for 128x100GbE or 32x 400GbE switch applications

Intel to Acquire Barefoot Networks for Ethernet Switch Silicon

Intel acquires Barefoot Networks for high-speed switch silicon designs setting up an interesting future combination with its silicon photonics products

Intel Ethernet 800 Series 100GbE NIC Launch

Finally entering the mainstream 100GbE network adapter generation, the Intel Ethernet 800 Series 100GbE NICs are set to bring Intel back to leading edge

2016: Starting the decline of 1 Gigabit Ethernet

Prediction: 2016 will start to see the rise of 10Gbase-T and Ngbase-T in smaller networks and 1 Gigabit Ethernet will no longer be fast enough for even Wi-Fi

Intel Ethernet Controller Buffer ECC Comparison

Intel recently posted an article outlining the ECC schemes found in its Ethernet controllers. For those that do not know, Intel Ethernet controllers have...

Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Ethernet Adapter PCIe x1 Quick-Review

When I get asked what is the best PCIe x1 Gigabit Ethernet adapter today, I quickly answer the Intel Gigabit CT Desktop adapter without...