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AMD EPYC 7000 Series SKU Lists for Launch

In the initial AMD EPYC 7000 series launch there are a total of nine dual-socket SKUs as well as three single-socket only SKUs that are priced compteitively

AMD EPYC June 20, 2017, Threadripper and Vega at Computex 2017

We have official AMD EPYC and AMD Vega launch dates. We also have official AMD Threadripper details for the chip coming this summer

AMD EPYC New Details on the Emerging Server Platform

We have new details on the AMD EPYC server platform including package shots of the CPU as well as how AMD is approaching the market.

AMD EPYC is the New AMD Zen Based Server Brand for...

AMD EPYC is the new AMD Zen based server brand for the platform previously named "Naples". More information coming