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NVIDIA Shows DPU Roadmap Combining Arm Cores GPU and Networking

The NVIDIA DPU Roadmap shows a BlueField-4 integrated DPU and GPU where the (presumably) Arm core integer performance is around 3x AMD EPYC 7742s in 2023

What is a DPU A Data Processing Unit Quick Primer

In our Data Processing Unit Quick Primer we answer the question of "what is a DPU?" and discuss some of the key implementations today

VMware Project Monterey ESXi on Arm on DPU

We discuss the impact of VMware Project Monterey bringing ESXi on Arm and DPUs to the VMware ecosystem with features similar to AWS

Fungible F1 DPU for Distributed Compute

At Hot Chips 32, we have the Fungible F1 DPU announcement. Fungible aims to re-think the data-centric fabrics we build from CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and HDDs