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OpenBMC Default Login Credentials and root Password

If you are at an OpenBMC interface from a major server vendor, and do not know the username and password, then trying the default login of root and 0penBMC may work

Why Your Favorite Default Passwords Are Changing

We discuss the California law that is impacting the IT industry and is changing your favorite vendor default passwords to new unique passwords

Tyan MegaRAC SP-X Web Management Interface Overview

In our Tyan MegaRAC SP-X overview video we show what the web management interface looks like and show some of the features that it offers

Aspeed AST2600 Launched as Your Next-Gen BMC

The new Aspeed AST2600 shows how Intel is funding putting up to three Arm cores in your next-generation server BMC for expanded features

Basic BMC and IPMI Management Security Practices

If you are a new administrator, we have basic BMC and IPMI management security practices that will help you avoid common pitfalls. These steps are quick to set up and require very little if any incremental investment to deploy.

Yossi Appleboum on How Bloomberg is Positioning His Research Against Supermicro

Today Bloomberg cited security researcher Yossi Appleboum, CEO of Sepio Systems, as supporting Supermicro hardware supply chain issues. We interviewed Mr. Appleboum and he is angry with how Bloomberg is presenting his research saying it impacts many more vendors and impacts networking equipment as well

Bloomberg Reports China Infiltrated the Supermicro Supply Chain We Investigate

We look at some of the technical and somewhat strange aspects to the Bloomberg report on Chinese insertion of hacking chips on some Supermicro motherboards.

Explaining the Baseboard Management Controller or BMC in Servers

A question we get asked a lot at STH is "what is a baseboard management controller" or "what is a BMC?" In this article, we are going to answer some of those questions for you. We are going to show you what a BMC looks like. We are then going to discuss common BMC features and the impact of the BMC.

Intel Core i3-530 and Supermicro X8SIL-F Power Consumption (plus Xeon X3440)

To update to my review of the Supermicro X8SIL-F, I took some Kill-A-Watt power consumption numbers with the Supermicro X8SIL-F to answer a few...