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Lenovo ThinkEdge SE10 and SE10-I Launched for Low Power Fanless Edge

The new Lenovo ThinkEdge SE10 SE10 and SE10-I, powered by 10nm Intel Atom CPUs, are designed to be passively cooled edge appliances

Supermicro A3SPI-4C-LN6PF Review Intel Atom C5315 Parker Ridge is Here

In our Supermicro A3SPI-4C-LN6PF review, we test the new Intel Atom C5315 "Parker Ridge" SoC and find a feature we were not expecting onboard

Intel Atom P5000 Series Mightily Expanded and with a NetSec Card

The Intel Atom P5000 series expands with nine new SKUs as Snow Ridge goes prime time with 10nm E-cores, QAT, and up to 100GbE networking

Inexpensive 4x 2.5GbE Fanless Router Firewall Box Review

We take a look at this inexpensive 4x 2.5GbE fanless box with Intel J4125 and i225 NICs that now works as a pfSense firewall and router

Supermicro Fanless Intel Xeon D-1700 at MWC 2022 and More

We found new Supermicro fanless Intel Xeon D-1700 systems, a new short-depth 1U Ice Lake-D system, and a fanless Elkhart Lake system at MWC

Dell EMC S5248F-ON Review 25GbE to 200GbE Switch Ports

In our Dell EMC S5248F-ON review, we see how this switch provides 48x 25GbE ports and both 100G/ 200G ports for uplinks

Intel Atlas Canyon NUCs with Jasper Lake Launched

The Intel Atlas Canyon NUCs with 2 and 4 core Jasper Lake 10nm Atom CPUs are now listed as "launched' after almost a year of waiting

Intel Gracemont Low Power x86 Cores

We cover the Intel Gracemont disclosures and see how the Intel Atom line's next-generation efficient E-core will evolve

Dell S5232F-ON Hands-on A Vastly Improved 32-port 100GbE Switch

The Dell S5232F-ON is a 32-port 100GbE switch that has vast improvements over the previous generation for open networking aspirations

New Intel Atom x6000E and 11th Gen Core IoT Edge Processors

Today Intel is unveiling a new product portfolio for industrial IoT and edge markets. Specifically, the company has the new Intel Atom x6000E series...