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Xilinx Kria KV260 Starter Kit Cover

Xilinx Kria Edge AI SOMs Launched with Developer Kit

The new Xilinx Kria line aims to bring a pre-built System-on-Module to market with a FPGA, Arm cores, and more in a ready-to-deploy design

New Marvell O-RAN Platform for 5G Networks

The new Marvell O-RAN platform for 5G networks includes a new reference design for a mMIMO 32T32R radio unit partnering with Analog Devices

Xilinx T1 FPGA for ORAN Baseband Unit

The Xilinx T1 telco accelerator combines two different FPGAs onto a single PCIe card to accelerate 5G Open Radio Access Networks

Hands-on with the IP65 Rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System

We get hands-on with the IP65 rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System designed to provide compute for 5G and AI video analytics directly on the pole

New Marvell OCTEON TX2 and Fusion CNF95xx 5G SoCs

The new Marvell OCTEON TX2 and Fusion CNF95xx SoCs are designed to bring general purpose Arm cores together with heavy network acceleration for 5G networks

Supermicro IP65 Edge Servers for 5G Telco Poles Launched

The new Supermicro IP65 Edge Servers are designed for 5G and being mounted on telco poles to minimize real estate impact of deploying edge servers

Dell Unleashes Its Expanded Edge Computing Portfolio

Dell unleashes its expanded edge computing portfolio to address data processing, storage, and analytics away from the central data center