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RAID Calculator

Last year, ServeTheHome launched its RAID Calculator which has become fairly popular over the past few months. During the creation process, we opened up a bug tracker for the RAID calculator as well as the RAID reliability calculator. Both tools help users when analyzing their new RAID arrays. The RAID calculator allows one to quickly see raw storage as well as usable storage of disks put into common RAID arrays. The RAID reliability calculator uses a simple MTTDL model to give an approximate idea of what reliability would look like given several parameters and different RAID levels. Of course, with any tool, we have actively held a bug tracker forum thread open to address issues. After getting engaged to the developer, she decided to be awesome and fix a few issues in the original RAID calculator. :-) Thanks!

RAID Calculator Update

The version has been updated to v1.06. Complete with the throwback STH 2010-2012 logo! In the newest release the biggest fix is that a bug where raw capacity was being multiplied by 1,000 in some cases has been fixed. This should now work properly both with GB and TB calculations. We greatly appreciate the community’s efforts in testing and reporting the tool’s “undocumented features.” Rest assured we have a new MTTDL version almost ready to go, so expect that one next week. Check out the new and improved¬†RAID Calculator¬†today.

Tapatalk on the STH Forums

TapatalkThe second major update for today that we added Tapatalk to the forums. For those wondering, Tapatalk is an iOS and Android forum reader app that plugs into many popular forum platforms. This includes vBulletin platform which the STH Forums utilize. This was a requested feature in the forums from last quarter, and we finally were able to install Tapatalk onto the STH forums today. The good news is that it appears as though we have a few people already using it. One thing we did not do is create a custom branded app so one will need to utilize the $2.99 Tapatalk 2 app from their respective marketplace. Happy to hear feedback around building a custom forum app using Tapatalk but before doing so we will probably monitor current usage for a bit.

Bottom Line

We put a lot of effort into STH both in terms of the reviews and guides that we publish, but also to give the community the tools they need to connect. Hopefully the great STH community members will get some value from the new updates.


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