Server DDR5 RDIMM and ECC UDIMM the Video

Micron DDR5 RDIMM Video Web Cover
Micron DDR5 RDIMM Video Web Cover

Last week we published a tome onĀ Why DDR5 is Absolutely Necessary in Modern Servers. As part of that, we had a late video edit that required a re-upload, and YouTube took quite a long time to process. As a result, the video went live Saturday.

Server DDR5 RDIMM and ECC UDIMM the Video

Here is the video. The pace is pretty quick in this one.

As always, this is best viewed in its own window, tab, or app since the embedded player is not always the best (and limits the view size.)

In the video, we cover several topics. Here is the index if you just want to listen to a part of it.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:52 DDR4 vs DDR5 Differences and UDIMM vs RDIMM Differences
  • 04:08 DDR5 now has TWO Channels
  • 05:39 New chips and components on DDR5 RDIMMs
  • 06:40 On-chip ECC on DDR5 versus ECC UDIMM and RDIMMs
  • 08:57 Why Servers NEED DDR5 with AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon
  • 11:52 Performance Impact of DDR5
  • 14:37 CXL and the DDR5 Future
  • 16:00 DDR5 Server Memory Summary
  • 16:51 Wrap-up

That is a lot to cover in the video.

Final Words

This is a funny video. It was doing decently well, and then the Super Bowl happened, and the views on the video just about stopped. Apparently, folks thought a close championship game and a cool halftime show were more interesting than learning about DDR5 server memory.

The real purpose of Friday’s article and this video was to provide a reference guide for folks to talk about the new memory. There are many different views out there, but we get a lot of questions on server DDR5 RDIMMs, so we wanted to create a reference piece to use. We have heard stories of many server sales reps inaccurately sharing the key points about the DDR5 transition. At some point, it is easier to make these types of guide pieces rather than to answer individual questions.

If you do have a moment today and need some background watching, hopefully, getting a few views on that video will help re-ignite it after the Super Bowl drop.


  1. Was this the unlisted video that was embedded in last article?
    And what changed so I don’t have to waste 20 more minutes?

  2. Colin – If you were one of the ~80 people that watched the first unlisted video, then the big changes were that the section where I talked about the memory bandwidth and per core metrics was re-recorded in a shortened form and moved to just before the CXL version.


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