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New Micron 232-Layer NAND Increases Drive Density

The new Micron 232-layer NAND technology will increase SSD density while also increasing performance of SSDs using the new tech

Micron 7450 SSDs Launched with 176-Layer NAND

The new Micron 7450 Pro and 7450 Max drives use 176-layer NAND to bring common feature sets across M.2, E1.S and U.3 form factors

Micron 7400 Pro 3.84TB and 960GB M.2 PCIe Gen4 SSDs with...

We take a look at the Micron 7400 Pro series of M.2 NVMe SSDs and see how these PCIe Gen4 drives with PLP perform in our M.2 test suite

Inside the 8TB Intel DC P4500 Ruler SSD and Why it...

We take apart an 8TB Intel DC P4500 "Cliffdale" Ruler SSD to show why it inspired, but is different from the EDSFF E1.L form factor

Building the Ultimate x86 and Arm Cluster-in-a-Box

We have the Ultimate Cluster-in-a-Box with 8 nodes, 120 cores, 184 threads (both x86 and Arm), 1.4Tbps of network bandwidth, and 624GB of RAM

Micron 7400 Launched A Full Form Factor Line of PCIe Gen4...

The new Micron 7400 Pro and Max PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs bring an all Micron stack to seven different form factors including U.3, M.2, and E1.S

Server CPUs Transitioning to the GB Onboard Era

We discuss why the industry will soon be discussing server CPUs with GB capacity units instead of MB as server infrastructure requires it

Micron Computex 2021 Keynote New DDR5 NAND and SSD Offerings

During the Micron Computex 2021 keynote, we heard about advancements in PCIe Gen4 SSDs, DDR5, and CXL attached memory

Glorious Complexity of Intel Optane DIMMs and Micron Exiting 3D XPoint

We go into the glorious complexity of Intel Optane DIMMs just as Micron exits the 3D XPoint business for CXL persistent memory

Micron 176-Layer NAND Shipping

Micron 176-layer NAND is not just being announced, but the company said this new high-density 3D NAND is now shipping in Crucial brand SSDs