NVIDIA Titan RTX Review of an Incredible GPU


NVIDIA Titan RTX 3DMark Suite Testing

Here we will run the NVIDIA Titan RTX through graphics-related benchmarks. At its heart, these are still GPUs so we wanted to give at least a perspective on them.

Nvidia Titan RTX Port Royal
Nvidia Titan RTX Port Royal

Here are the 3DMark suite results. We will discuss them after the charts.

Nvidia Titan RTX Time Spy
Nvidia Titan RTX Time Spy

One can see the feature impacts here with a step function between each model. Here are the rest of the results.

Nvidia Titan RTX Fire Strike
Nvidia Titan RTX Fire Strike

Here we see great results, however to a more muted degree than on the traditional compute benchmarks.

NVIDIA Titan RTX Unigine Testing

Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Superposition
Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Superposition
Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Heaven
Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Heaven
Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Valley
Nvidia Titan RTX Unigine Valley

Overall we see a good showing from the NVIDIA Titan RTX. At its worst, declocked for silent operation, it is still the fastest card around.

Next, we are going to look at the NVIDIA Titan RTX with several deep learning benchmarks before moving onto power and thermals.


  1. Radeon VII is a great card for programs like Davinci Resolve (on par with the RTX Titan X).
    NVidia’s drivers are oftened better optimized for benchmarking programs.
    When you really want to know the performance of a graphics card go to pugetsystems, they test with real programs and are open for comments and also react on the comments.

  2. Hi hoohoo – easy answer:
    1) We do not have one.
    2) On the DemoEval side, we have yet to get a request for one but we have had many requests for the Titan RTX.

    Unfortunately, the economics, for us, of buying a $2500 GPU to put in the lab are actually better than getting a $700 Radeon VII. If someone has $700 lying around and wants an answer, we are happy to do the work. We just need to fund it.

  3. Absolutely Just Stunning Titan RTX Mr. Harmon Read your Report.
    Gold is Best your correct on that.
    Im Building a new system June/July will have PciE 4.0 Im sure it will work even better than PciE 3.0
    Im am Blown away, I have offer on my 2080Ti from last week, I just might let it go to him and get this
    Titan RTX.
    *Excellent Review Mr. Harmon Thank you for this
    My head is spinning right now 🙂

  4. Remarkable ! The magnitudes of scale are 5x over the last K2500. This represents ability to complete computation and rendering on a matter of seconds vs minutes -hours for older systems. Mr Cray would be besides himself with envy and desire to have one. Any institution of higher learning will either aquire this or be left behind in the dustbin. Titan Indeed..Great Review!

  5. Please use same driver version for all cards. There can be over 10% delta in cuda between drivers in some cuda programs, while other programs see 0% delta.


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