NVIDIA GTC 2022 Announcements and Keynote Easter Egg Video

NVIDIA GTC 22 Hardware Cover Web
NVIDIA GTC 22 Hardware Cover Web

NVIDIA showed a ton of new hardware in its GTC 2022 keynote. There was a crazy amount of new hardware, although most of it will be in the fall of 2022 or in 2023. Still, there was a lot unsaid in the keynote, so I went back through and picked out not just the hardware announcements, but also some of what was not said in the keynote.

NVIDIA GTC 2022 Announcements and Keynote Easter Egg Video

This was a video I thought was going to be “I can knock this out in 2-3 hours” that ended up taking a few days. Still, we go into what NVIDIA said, and what they showed. There was a lot shown (like the DGX H100’s CPUs, NVIDIA Grace-2xHopper, and more) that only had a few seconds of time in the GTC 2022’s ~100 minutes run time. In the end, I cut Jensen’s video with some hardware highlights of what was not explicitly said/ called out:

This is one to certainly open in a new browser, window, tab, or app for a better viewing experience. Also, you will likely want to use chapters to navigate since there is so much going on in this video, and not everyone will want to see it all. There is a list of timestamps, but there is so much hardware being announced I could not even fit it all in the thumbnail while leaving room for a silly YouTube cover face.

Final Words

This may have been a bad idea for a video, but since GTC 2022 was virtual this year, this was the best that I could manage. I get a lot out of walking show floors. If you read the GTC keynote piece, this is going to largely be a repeat of much of the information, but I tried to add a bit more context in some areas.

Finally, the giveaway for GTC 2022 ends soon:

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Giveaway

Here is the simple giveaway form:
STH NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Giveaway

For those who want a few bonus entries, after you submit the photo, you can get a bonus entry by subscribing to the STH Newsletter and/or going to the NVIDIA GTC 2022 page again.


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