NVIDIA A2000 12GB Launched A New Low-End Inference Alternative

NVIDIA RTX A2000 Three Quarter
NVIDIA RTX A2000 Three Quarter

One can tell it is a holiday weekend when this is a second piece. The NVIDIA A2000 now has an upgrade. A few months ago we had the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU launch. At the time, it was a 6GB GPU meant for the lower-end of the market. Now we have the NVIDIA A2000 12GB bringing twice the memory to the line.

NVIDIA A2000 12GB Launched

This is perhaps one of the more interesting launches for our readers. Here are the key specs of the line, now including the 12GB model.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 12GB Specs
NVIDIA RTX A2000 12GB Specs

As one can see, we have 12GB of GDDR6 with ECC. That is something we see more in the NVIDIA professional GPUs of this generation whereas in previous generations lower-end cards like this one would often not have ECC. Now here is where things get interesting. With these specs, one has something very competitive with the NVIDIA A2 with a few catches. First, is the form factor as a dual-slot actively cooled PCIe Gen4 x16 card. Second, one only gets 12GB of memory instead of 16GB on the A2. The power consumption is slightly up at 70W. With all of that, the A2000 12GB is fairly close on the memory side and yet seems to have a much higher-performance GPU. For example, FP32 performance is only 4.5 TFLOPS on the A2 and 8.0 TFLOPs on the A2000. The A2000 has 26 RT cores while the A2 only has 10. NVIDIA does not list consistent specs across its models, but this is certainly going to be interesting for many.

Final Words

The A2000 6GB usually sells for mid $600’s and we would expect a premium for the 12GB model. Still, the T4 held a $1400-1500 price point for a long time, so this may end up being half the cost for more compute resources making it an interesting option.

Still, we wish that NVIDIA just announced these all at the same time instead of stringing along these releases.



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