Kioxia Kumoscale 3.20 Released

Toshiba Kumoscale STH Cover
Kioxia Kumoscale STH Cover

Kioxia has a new version of its scale-out storage software. With the new Kioxia Kumoscale 3.20 the company is adding new features. We have covered the solution a number of times since 2018, most recently the Kioxia Kumoscale 3.19 release last year. Let us get into it.

Kioxia Kumoscale 3.20 Released

Kumoscale 3.20 is the update to the NVMeoF solution that adds a number of new features.

  • KumoScale now has two deployment modes. KumoScale’s “managed mode” allows a high level of configurability from the OS layer and up. Alternatively, there is an “appliance mode” for automated and simpler deployment. This is an evolution to branch into the larger infrastructure deployments with customizability and then ease for smaller deployments.
  • There is new support for NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage. NVIDIA GDS enables a allows for DMA transfers between GPU memory and storage. Here, KumoScale acts as the NVMeoF adapter
  • The new KumoScale version supports third-party OpenID Connect 1.0 which is an identity layer above the OAuth 2.0. This is a requirement for some cloud service provider deployments
  • Some of the other features in the new version include CSI raw block support and an embedded Grafana storage analytics dashboard

Those were the big items from the new release.

Final Words

KumoScale is something we hope to get to show you one of these days since the last demo we really showed off was back in the pre-Kioxia Toshiba days. This demo was probably done in the 2018 timeframe.

Toshiba KumoScale And Portworx Backed Kubernetes
Toshiba KumoScale And Portworx Backed Kubernetes

Over the next quarter, we are going to have a lot more on NVMeoF solutions, including something really cool from Kioxia. As networks are increasing in speed, and storage becomes more disaggregated, the need for solutions like KumoScale is increasing. As a result, we are showing off some really cool new technology.


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