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This Changes Networking Intel IPU Hands-on with Big Spring Canyon

We check out the Intel Big Spring Canyon IPU and show how this Stratix 10 FPGA and Intel Xeon D IPU changes networking and storage

Ethernet SSDs – Hands-on with the Kioxia EM6 NVMeoF SSD

The Kioxia EM6 SSD uses Ethernet instead of SAS, SATA, or PCIe NVMe to connect directly to networks. We get hands-on with the tech

Kioxia Kumoscale 3.20 Released

Kioxia KumoScale 3.20 is out with new features including different deployment models, NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage support, and more

Kioxia EM6 25GbE NVMe-oF SSD Launched

The Kioxia EM6 is a 25GbE NVMe-oF native SSD powered by Marvell. We discuss the evolution and why this is a big deal paired with DPUs

Kioxia KumoScale Update Embraces Kubernetes

The Kioxia KumoScale NVMeoF solution is embracing Kubernetes with a containerized and orchestrated control plane along with new features

Fungible DPU-based Storage Cluster Hands-on Look

We get hands-on with the DPU-based Fungible Storage Cluster and the FS1600 dual DPU NVMeoF storage nodes with performance and interviews

Kioxia Ethernet SSD Solutions Now Sampling

Kioxia Ethernet SSD solutions for direct attach SSDs to Ethernet fabric are now being sampled by Kioxia and Marvell for NVMeoF applications

NVIDIA Acquires Mellanox Bringing a Major Shift

NVIDIA completing its acquisition of Mellanox signals a major shift in the data center. A lot has changed since the deal was announced

Marvell 25GbE NVMeoF Adapter Prefaces a Super Cool Future

If you are looking to build next-generation NVMeoF composable infrastructure, you need to check out the Marvell and Toshiba demo from FMS. The Marvell 25GbE NVMeoF adapter turns NVMe devices into fabric addressed devices which may be the way of the future

Toshiba KumoScale adds TCP to its NVMeoF Solution

Toshiba KumoScale adds TCP to its NVMeoF solution using Marvell FastLinQ3 100GbE adapters with TCP offload acceleration. This capability expands the NVMeoF performance benefits to legacy servers