Intel Shares its Plan to Zettascale Video

Intel Plan To Zettascale 1000x Video Cover
Intel Plan To Zettascale 1000x Video Cover

One of the big pieces at STH this week was the Raja’s Chip Notes Lay Out Intel’s Path to Zettascale. Along with that piece, I wanted to provide a bit more commentary since it was pushed out only a few hours after the discussion ended. A video was in the works, but we hit a bit of a snag.

Intel Shares its Plan to Zettascale Video

After returning from SC21, I recorded a video and then got my booster shot that has me a bit slow a the moment (but this morning is looking better.) As a result, the video was delayed about a day instead of an hour. The video was uploaded yesterday. Normally YouTube processes the 4K video in SD quickly, then HD, then 4K and that process takes 10-15 minutes. The video was scheduled, but never got pushed to subscribers. So the video was re-uploaded and pushed out this morning.

In the video, we have a recap of my discussion with Raja and perhaps a bit more context around each of the areas discussed. As always, we suggest opening videos in a new web browser, tab, or app for a better viewing experience.

Final Words

This was a bit rough. As of now, the first time the video was uploaded, that video is still stuck on “Processing HD version” while the video above was uploaded hours later and has HD and 4K processing complete. The few folks that did see the original video had great feedback so if you are not normally a STH YouTube watcher, this may be one to put on working around the house this weekend.

Intel Plan To Zettascale 1000x Video Private Attempt 1
Intel Plan To Zettascale 1000x Video Private Attempt 1

Over the course of the discussion, we went well beyond what is being discussed in this video, but so it seems like Intel has a plan, albeit an aggressive one to deliver a huge speedup.


  1. ❤format.

    HW advancement incredible. Silicon Photonics ❤❤❤.

    But SW and data volumes behave like cavity insulation foam. They can be relied upon to balance the equation.. AI , CVEs, scripting, billions of sensors, DNA sequences should easily provide 1000÷

    Time for software need to pull up its socks


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