Inspur Systems Web Server Management Interface

Inspur Web Management Interface Dashboard
Inspur Web Management Interface Dashboard

Inspur Systems is now the third largest server vendor in the world. Recently on STH, we had an overview of the Inspur AGX-5 and our SC18 discussion with the company. We also had our interview with Liu Jun, AVP and GM of AI and HPC for Inspur. Over the past few weeks, we have been testing the Inspur Systems NF5486M5, an 8x GPU server. In preparation for our upcoming review, we wanted to show our readers what the server’s web management interface looks like.

Inspur Systems Web Server Management Interface Tour

We did a short video that we are going to use in our reviews that gives a tour of the Inspur Systems web server management interface. Here is the video:

Overall, we found the solution to be easy to use and generally very feature rich. There were a few standout features that Inspur has, but not all vendors support at the time we are writing this. Those web management interfaces features include the ability to:

  • Set BIOS options
  • Configure RAID arrays and virtual disks
  • Launch HTML5 iKVM sessions with full power control and remote media support
  • Provide in-context help to users

These are features that some, but not all, vendors currently support.

Final Words

Upon receiving our first Inspur Systems server in the lab, we did not know where Inspur’s solution placed on a web management maturity curve. During our review of the Inspur NF5486M5, we found that Inspur has a very mature web management solution. This is especially so as Inspur Systems is focused largely on the cloud service provider market where these types of interfaces are less common than in the enterprise server market. Large CSPs usually utilize custom tools with CLI/ API backends to manage servers, not individual management interfaces. What we found in the process is that Inspur’s web management solution is in many ways comparable to the more mature enterprise solutions on the market.

Stay tuned for more coverage on STH as we are about to start our series of Inspur Systems server reviews now that our Inspur NF5486M5 review is imminent.


  1. Lenovo System x and ThinkSystem servers have had dual BMC firmware images for almost two decades starting in the IBM days.
    Thanks for the video review, this format is great for me.


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