Inspur NF5180M5 Flexible 1U Server Review


Inspur Systems NF5180M5 Storage Performance

Our Inspur Systems NF5180M5 was a 12x 3.5″ configuration. This configuration is focused on SATA/ SAS storage rather than NVMe. Inspur also offers higher-end NVMe storage and 2.5″ storage configurations that we were not able to test.

Inspur Systems NF5180M5 Storage Performance
Inspur Systems NF5180M5 Storage Performance

Overall, we saw performance in-line with what we would expect on the storage side using these drives. The Inspur Systems NF5180M5 was able to handle our storage configurations without issue.

Inspur Systems NF5180M5 Networking Performance

We used the Inspur Systems NF5180M5 with a dual-port Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx 25GbE OCP NIC as well as a dual Intel X520-DA2 OCP NIC. The server itself supports riser configurations for more, this is simply all we could put in our test system given the configuration we were using. At the same time, it represents what we expect will be a very popular solution for the server.

Inspur NF5180M5 25GbE Networking Speed
Inspur NF5180M5 25GbE Networking Speed

25GbE infrastructure has become extremely popular. It provides a lower-latency connection than legacy 10GbE/ 40GbE. One also gets higher switch port bandwidth density than with the older standard. As a result, we are seeing many of our readers deploy 25GbE today. Next year, as PCIe Gen4 becomes more widespread, this may change. For now, a dual 25GbE connection is a good match for a PCIe Gen3 x8 slot which will make it a popular choice for Intel servers.

Next, we are going to take a look at the Inspur Systems NF5180M5 power consumption before looking at the STH Server Spider for the system and concluding with our final words.


  1. They are not going to get a lot of sales with their current “purchase/contact us page”. The serve details page is also not elaborate. TS860G3 info page have all product images broken.

    If they showed at least ballpark price, lead-in times, available components(what ‘Intel Xeon Scalable’ are supported?) and put at least some attention to the form, it might be better.

  2. @altmind
    Yea, it’s interesting to read about the these challenger brands, but frustrating that they don’t offer any outlet besides wholesale bulk purchases and then they make it difficult to find out any real information on their products.

    The big brands need challenging, it’s what keeps the market vibrant, but when I read a glowing review for a product you cannot practically buy, it’s somewhat disappointing.

  3. This server is available in the market. Inspur in over 110 countries and regions across the globe. You should check on their website.


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