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The Harvard Cannon Powered by Lenovo Neptune

In a big win, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 with Neptune liquid cooling for Xeon Platinum CPUs was selected by Harvard for a 32000 core Cannon cluster

Great 2021 Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids with Xe Ponte Vecchio GPU...

At SC19 Intel is showing all the right components for its upcoming 2021 exascale architecture with Xeon Sapphire Rapids, Xe Ponte Vecchio GPU, and oneAPI

Intel Xeon E-2224 Benchmarks and Review

In our Intel Xeon E-2224 review we show why we think this 4 core and 4 thread CPU needs additional features to justify its price tag

Intel Xeon Platinum 8260L v 8260 Standard Performance Check

We test the Intel Xeon Platinum 8260L versus the Xeon Platinum 8260 to test the hypothesis that both chips should perform the same

Gigabyte Intel Xeon E-2200 Platforms Updated

Gigabyte Intel Xeon E-2200 platforms have been updated to take advantage of the newest CPUs with more cores and higher clock speeds in the entry segment

Supermicro Updates Servers for Intel Xeon E-2200 Series

Supermicro updated its line for the Intel Xeon E-2200 series adding new capabilities with higher core counts and clock speeds to its line

Intel Xeon E-2288G Review 8 Cores and 5GHz in the Entry...

In our Intel Xeon E-2288G review, we show how this 8 core CPU with up to 5GHz may be the most important CPU launch in the segment over the last decade

Intel Xeon E-2200 Series Launched for Servers… Finally

Our Intel Xeon E-2200 series launch article shows the new family and why the re-launch for servers is an important milestone in the entry Xeon lineup

ASUS Pro WS C621-64L SAGE/10G Xeon W-3200 Review

We think that if you are shopping for a Xeon W-3200 series platform, the ASUS Pro WS C621-64L SAGE/10G should be high on your list of options to consider.

Inspur NF5180M5 Flexible 1U Server Review

In our Inspur NF5180M5 review, we see what makes this 1U server so versatile that it has become a higher-volume seller in the US and EMEA markets