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On Ice Lake Intel Xeon Volumes and Market Penetration Q3 2021

Taking some notes after the Intel Q3 2021 earnings call on the Ice Lake Xeon ramp and penetration in the market

Supermicro Launches X12 STH Series Intel Xeon E-2300 Motherboards

Supermicro has new Intel Xeon E-2300 series servers and motherboards. We are especially excited about the X12 STH series

Four New ASUS Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboards

Four new ASUS Intel Xeon E-2300 series motherboards make their debut along with a new server platform and a hint at a mITX platform coming

Gigabyte MX33-BS0 mATX Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboard

The Gigabyte MX33-BS0 is a cost-optimized motherboard designed to fit the Intel Xeon E-2300 entry-level segmentation

ASRock Rack Launches Tons of Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboards

ASRock Rack has six new motherboards for the Intel Xeon E-2300 series spanning mATX, mITX, and deep mITX form factors

New Tyan Tempest CX S5560 Motherboards for Intel Xeon E-2300 Series

The new Tyan Tempest CX S5560 has two motherboard flavors for the Intel Xeon E-2300 series with Intel X550 10Gbase-T standard

Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Launched Rocket Lake-E for Entry Servers

Finally entry-level servers are getting a refresh. The Intel Xeon E-2300 series gets Rocket Lake-E after the desktop and workstation markets

Tyan Thunder CX GC68A-B7126 1U Dual Intel Xeon Ice Lake Review

In our Tyan Thunder CX GC68A-B712 review, we see how this 1U dual Intel Xeon Ice Lake platform caters to the cost-optimized market segment

Gigabyte R282-N80 2U Dual Intel Xeon Server Review

In our Gigabyte R282-N80 review, we see how this 2U dual Intel Xeon Ice Lake generation server provides great configuration flexibility

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon at Hot Chips 33

At Hot Chips 33, Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon had a few new disclosures compared to Architecture Day a few days ago