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AMD EPYC Market Share Gains in 2018 Our Take

We give our take and context on the reported AMD EPYC market share gains in 2018 and discuss why 2019 is set to be an even more exciting year in the industry

Channel Cobblers and a Hole in the AMD EPYC Line

We talk about the current AMD EPYC line has a noticeable hole that directly impacts channel cobblers and their work as a market force

Intel Xeon E-2134 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon E-2134 benchmarks and review show how this chip performs compared to other CPUs in this class like the Intel Xeon E-2136 and Xeon E-2144G.

Intel Xeon E-2174G Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon E-2174G benchmarks and review shows the lone case where you should consider this CPU over the Intel Xeon E-2146G.

Intel Shows Off New 10nm Server SoC With 100Gbps and H265...

At Intel Architecture Day 2018, Intel showed off a new server-class 10nm SoC with 100Gbps networking and H265 offload capabilities

Intel Xeon E-2186G Benchmarks and Review of the Top End

Sitting at the top-end of the Xeon E-2100 series, our Intel Xeon E-2186G benchmarks and review will show why this chip may be the answer for some, but others will look elsewhere for their CPUs of choice.
2018 Architecture Day Cooper Lake Bfloat16

Intel Cooper Lake Xeon For Training Details from Architecture Day 2018

We have details around bfloat16 support and the new ISA for Intel Xeon CPUs in the Cooper Lake generation. By adding bfloat16, Intel helps to make more deep learning training on its CPUs possible without having to resort to using GPUs for training.

First Pictures of Intel Ice Lake Xeon Server Chips

From Intel Architecture Day 2018 we have new Intel Ice Lake Xeon server chips along with an updated roadmap with information about the Sunny Cove architecture that will underpin the new 10nm PCIe Gen4 server CPUs

Intel Core i3-8100 Benchmarks and Review Low Cost Server Processor

We take a look at the ultra-low cost Intel Core i3-8100 in our benchmarks and review. We see how this CPU stacks up to more costly server processors and see whether it is worth saving a few dollars with this intriguing solution

Intel Xeon Gold 6148 Benchmarks and Review The Go-To HPC Chip

Our Intel Xeon Gold 6148 benchmarks and review show why this is the go-to HPC chip. It combines high clock speeds among relatively few cores and has options for features such as 100Gbps Omni-Path fabric