HP EliteDesk Mini 2.5GbE Flex IO V2 NIC is Here

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 7
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 7

A few weeks ago, we did the HP ProDesk 405 G4 Mini Dual Internal 1GbE NICs with a Catch piece. There, we found that there is a difference between the HP FlexIO V1 LOM NIC in that system, and the HP Flex IO V2 module used in the HP EliteDesk 805 G6 Mini we reviewed (as well as the upcoming 805 G8 Mini.) Our new EliteDesk 805 G8 Mini’s have the 2.5GbE adapter and so we were able to find all of the part numbers HP uses to describe these parts, of which there seem to be many, and successfully ordered and received half of the units we ordered. Since it is extremely hard to find this information and the parts, it felt like it was time for a quick piece.

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC is Here

Here is the NIC itself. What we wanted to point out is that this NIC has the Intel i225-V chip on it. The chip is labeled Intel S1093L28. It also has the “SLNMH” stepping. If that sounds familiar, that is what we are seeing the smaller and low-cost Fanless Intel J4125 4x i225 – Firewall Boxes have. The SLNMH means we have a B3 stepping. The two that we received in our HP EliteDesk 805 G8 Mini’s were also SLNMH. We did not get them in the EliteDesk 805 G6 nor the Intel-based EliteDesk 800 Mini G6 (35W version here.)

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Top
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Top

On the bottom of the unit, there is the new HP Flex IO V2 connector. Note, the V2 modules are not compatible with older V1-based machines as we found in the 405 G4 Mini review.

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Bottom
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Bottom

Here is the packaging with the part numbers:

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 ESD Bag And Box
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 ESD Bag And Box

And something to get excited about, here is the module in front of one of the upcoming HP EliteDesk 805 G8 Mini’s we will review.

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 7
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 7

If you think you see a system with an 8 core AMD CPU, a NVIDIA GPU, and both 1GbE and 2.5GbE networking, you would be correct. The Intel i225 B3 is also the best NIC we have seen thus far in this segment.

How to Find the HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC

In terms of the part number, here is what you should look for

  • Part Number: M74416-001
  • Description: SPS-PCA VAEGON2 NIC 2.5G Option Board

Alternatively, on the small QR code sticker, it has:

  • HPPN: L83414-002

Silk screened on the bottom it says:

  • F93 2.5G LAN IO

Hopefully, that helps. There may be other versions, but this is the version that we received that is the Intel i225 B3 stepping so this would be the one we would recommend.

Final Words

This should be very exciting news for folks looking for units with something better than 1GbE networking.

HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Port 1
HP Flex IO V2 2.5GbE NIC M74416 001 Port 1

On the HP spare parts site, we paid $50 each for these, plus another $11 for shipping. HP only managed to deliver one of the two and it took over a month and a half for the half order to be filled. When we ordered the 805 G8’s, HP told us that they needed to remove these NICs to be able to ship the units, but then delivered them in the machines anyway. If you select these at the time of order, it is only a $13 option, and as you can see this can be added alongside the NVIDIA GPU option for a spectacular 1L system. Our advice is to just configure these in systems if you want the option since it is around a quarter of the price of a spare part.


  1. I don’t suppose there’s any chance this would work in an EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini? Do you feel like trying?

  2. @Mark
    >Note, the V2 modules are not compatible with older V1-based machines as we found in the 405 G4 Mini review.

    I suspect if the V2 modules aren’t compatible with a G4 Mini, they won’t be compatible with a G3 mini

  3. Are these compatible with older Mini PCs? I have a couple of Prodesk 600 G4 Minis and would live to slap a second NIC in them,for virtualization or firewalls.

  4. Hi! I have a HP 600 G6 PD DM i510500T 6-core. Does this work with that machine? Also, is there an alternative with 1GbE or maybe even fiber nic? Any suggestions?

  5. The reason I believe these 2.5GBe flex NICs are so difficult to come by is they are not listed in any Sales Quikspec as a part number and hence not orderable via configurators etc.

    You have found the service (replacement part number)…

    Now trying to get a message to the HP Product Management team responsible do for this to fix this will be the challenge!!

    I bet this is why HP don’t see this item selling and so don’t see demand !!!

  6. I was able to buy three of those via eBay. I have 2 ProDesk Mini models, but it only works with one, even though the physical flex IO ports seem to be the same on both mainboards:

    – HP ProDesk 400 G6 Mini: DOES NOT work;
    – HP ProDesk 600 G6 Mini: DOES work

    I have tried several things (BIOS update, BIOS settings), but wasn’t able to get it working with the ProDesk 400 G6. Interesting: the LEDs of the ethernet port are blinking, but no OS (ESXI, Windows 11, Ubuntu 22.04) detects the NIC itself.

  7. Thanks Martin for your review .. i have a 400 G6 mini , and i was interesting with this flex NIC .so it’s a big difference between 400 G6 and 600 G6 …Can you leave a reply if you success with the nic detection in 400G6 before i order one ;)

  8. Heads up, there’s a 10gbps option here. Probably only compatible with the most recent gens.

    Lots of other flex io cards on here, perhaps someone can gather data for future reference. There are Flex IO v3 cards.

    Also for the person asking about the 2.5gbps nic working for G3… I doubt it.
    With regards to usb c with PD, I’m pretty sure the one FOR g4 won’t work with G3. I can’t find the connector for the cable. Or maybe only 35 watt systems have it.

    For G4 there’s a USB-C with PD 65w card compatible with G4 35w only.
    For G5, there’s a USB-C with PD 100w card, that I saw mentioned elsewhere only works with G5 per a data sheet they referenced. I think I saw the g5 version of the HP document and that card supports g5 35w and 65w.

    I am looking for this for use with the HP Mini-in-one monitors. They connect via USB-C, and power the system and receive video via the USB-C.
    So I suspect G4 35w and g5 35w and 65w are compatible with the monitor, given you have the right Flex IO cards.

    This page refreshed and I had to start over, so I’m forgetting some stuff I had written.
    I’ve very disorganized but I’ll try to come back and share more info I’ve found.

  9. Ohhh. Something I missed in retyping this…
    For info about G4 compatible flex IO, Google “c06042607.pdf”
    This is an HP document, but the HP server it’s stored on seems to have been down for days. But you can find it elsewhere on Google.
    I’m pretty sure I saw a G5 version of that document but I don’t have it handy.

  10. Got one from Taobao with HPN L83414-001, should be an old rev borad.
    Tested on 400 G6, NOT working.

  11. As someone already asked, has anyone made these modules work with and HP EliteDesk 800 G6 MINI PC? I bought two modules and got one installed but cannot make it work.


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