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AMD Ryzen 4x 2.5GbE Firewall Router for pfSense OPNsense Proxmox and...

We take a look at an AMD Ryzen 4x 2.5GbE machine with features straddling the line between virtualization, firewall, router, and desktop

New Fanless 4x 2.5GbE Intel N5105 i226-V Firewall Tested

We take a look at a fanless 4x 2.5GbE unit using the new Intel i226-V NICs to see how this unit works and compare it to its predecessors

A 6x 2.5GbE Intel Pentium N6005 Fanless OPNsense pfSense Firewall Option

We take a look at a fanless 6x 2.5GbE Intel Pentium N6005 firewall/ router solution and see how it compares to others we have reviewed

Intel Core i7-1165G7 2.5GbE Box Running VMware ESXi and pfSense

We virtualize pfSense on VMware ESXi with Veeam for backup using a recently reviewed fanless 2.5GbE Intel Core i7-1165G7 unit for massive gains

QNAP TS-464 and TS-664 2.5GbE NAS Units Powered by Intel Celeron...

The QNAP TS-464 and TS-664 are the company's new 4-bay and 6-bay 2.5GbE NAS units with a twist. The CPUs for both could be the N5105 or N5095

Topton Intel N5095 4x 2.5GbE Firewall Review

We take a look at the Topton 4x 2.5GbE firewall with the Intel Celeron N5095 and see if this is the option to get in the series

Hasivo S600-5GT 5-Port PoE 2.5GbE Switch With a Catch

In our Hasivo S600-5GT review, we see how this 5-port 2.5GbE switch with PoE+ performs and something many may not realize about the switch

Netgear MS108UP Review 8-port PoE+ and PoE++ 2.5GbE Switch

In our Netgear MS108UP review, we see how this 8-port PoE+ and PoE++ 2.5GbE switch performs with an almost comically large power brick

FS S5860-24XB-U Multi-Gigabit 740W PoE Switch Review with 25GbE

The FS S5860-24XB-U is a 24-port 1/2.5/5/10Gbase-T switch with ample PoE++ power and both SFP+ 10GbE and SFP28 25GbE uplink ports

The Ultimate Cheap 2.5GbE PoE Unmanaged Switch

In our Hasivo S1100P-8GT review, we find a PoE+ capable 2.5GbE switch that reaches price parity with Netgear 1GbE models, changing the market