Expanded Gigabyte RACKLUTION-OP Range for Hyperscaled Data Centers

Gigabyte RACKLUTION OP Cover 2
Gigabyte RACKLUTION OP Cover 2

The Open Compute Project has been gaining influence throughout the server industry. Gigabyte released a RACKLUTION-OP line for 21″ open rack standards. Gigabyte adopted the OCP mezzanine card standard for their server platforms, even 19″ designs. Now Gigabyte is expanding its RACKLUTION-OP line with a series of Open Rack Standards Version 2.0 designs for its next-generation server products.


RACKLUTION-OP is the name for Gigabyte’s server product line based on the Open Compute Project’s 21” Open Rack Standards. The company has now released two versions of RACKLUTION-OP products. These correspond to Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 of the OCP Open Rack Standards. The most important change from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 is the change from a triple bus-bar power distribution system (Version 1.0) to a single bus-bar system (Version 2.0). Both systems will continue to co-exist with each other, and customers can choose the design version based on their preference and requirements.

Gigabyte RACKLUTION OP Cover
Gigabyte RACKLUTION OP Cover

As part of its Version 2.0 line, the company has the following new products OCP range:

  • TO21-C20: Computing node compliant with Open Rack Standards v2.0, with storage bays for 4 x 3.5” HDD via SATA / SAS
  • TO21-C21: Computing node compliant with Open Rack Standards v2.0, with 2 x 2.5” storage bays for NVMe U.2 SSD drives, and 2 x 3.5” HDD storage bays via SATA / SAS
  • TO21-JS0: 2OU JBOD tray compliant with Open Rack Standards v2.0 that can accommodate 45 x 3.5” HDDs via SATA / SAS.
  • DO60-MR0: 12OU mini-rack cabinet compliant with Open Rack Standards v1.0

Gigabyte RACKLUTION-OP Range

Here is a table with the current Gigabyte RACKLUTION-OP range:

RACKLUTION-OP Version Version 1.0 Version 2.0
Racks DO20-ST0 (41OU Rack)
DO20-ST1 (41OU Rack)
DO60-MR0 (12OU Mini Rack)
DO21-ST0 (41OU Rack)
DO21-ST1 (41OU Rack)
Compute Nodes / Trays TO20-BT0 (2OU Rack Tray)
T280-33C (2OU 3 Nodes)
T280-32Q (2OU 3 Nodes)
T28N-32Q (2OU 3 Nodes)
T280-32C (2OU 3 Nodes)
T28N-32C (2OU 3 Nodes)
TO21-BTO (2OU Rack Tray)
TO21-C20 (2OU 3 Nodes)
TO21-C21 (2OU 3 Nodes)
Storage Nodes / Trays T280-S3S (2OU JBOD) TO21-JS0 (2OU JBOD)
HPC Nodes T180-G20 (1OU 4 GPGPUs)
T180-G23 (1OU 4 GPGPUs)
T180-G24 (1OU 4 GPGPUs)

OCP is growing in popularity and we are seeing more companies offer innovative designs in this space.


  1. For the TO21-C20 think you might’ve accidentally written 4 x 3.5” instead of 4 x 2.5” if I am not mistaken? Had to go back and forth to the website to double check that.

    Hmm that 12OU Mini Rack is intriguing, not really across the OCP gear enough to be sure, but that might be of interest to the folks on the forums who’ve bought the early OCP designs for cheap… but want a proper mounting solution… assuming OU Mini Racks aren’t already a thing and that it’s not crazy expensive.


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