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Several readers each week read articles about Supermicro IPMIview and various mentions each week and want to give it a try but cannot find where to download the program. I will note, many things like KVM consoles will not work with IPMI 2.0 from other vendors, but you can see the machines using its search feature so the utility is very useful. It turns out that Supermicro’s website does not do a great job of pointing one to the newest IPMIView version so that they can download it.

Auto Detect Supermicro Servers with IPMIview
Auto Detect Supermicro Servers with IPMIview

What I usually do is go directly to Supermicro’s FTP site, in the IPMIView folder, found here: to download IPMIView.

From there, one can download the newest version of IPMIView for Windows, Linux or the Jar version quickly. It is important to download and use the latest versions in order to ensure that all features are working properly, especially with the newest motherboard/ firmware revisions. I have gotten a lot of feedback regarding the fact that Supermicro does not make it easy to find IPMIView on their site, so I wanted to make sure everyone has the same Supermicro FTP bookmark I use to download new versions.

Supermicro IPMIview is something I use several times each week and one can use IPMIView to find IPMI boards from other vendors, not just Supermicro server motherboards.


  1. Piece of junk… Errors out getting logs from an individual server, but works from the group console… Gets a few sensors, but some are identical to others, suggesting its pulling the same sensor data multiple times. SOL is limited to either 9600 or 19200 baud, so if you’ve configured the BMC on your servers for anything else, you’ll only get line noise on screen.

    ipmitool is awesome, and does a vastly better job all-around, if you aren’t allergic to a command-line interface. The only interesting feature it doesn’t have is the ipmi network discovery option.

  2. Anyone who finds this article the FTP server is no longer out there. There is a docker image which works with the IPMI out there – it was the only thing I could find to get into the console as of 2024.


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