Denverton Day Official STH Intel Atom C3000 Launch Coverage Central

Intel Atom C3000 Denverton Package STH
Intel Atom C3000 Denverton Package STH

It has finally happened, today is the launch of the full Intel Atom C3000 series, beyond the 2 core Intel Atom C3338 model. More to the point, Intel has launched the Intel Atom C3000 SKUs we have been anticipating the most. At STH we have been planning coverage of the Intel Atom C3000, codenamed “Denverton” launch for about a year. This is going to serve as our hub for various points of Intel Atom C3000 series launch coverage.

Since we are bound to get questions, the above photo is of an actual Intel Atom C3955 16-core “Denverton” CPU package that is the top-bin part of this generation. We have benchmarks of that SKU today on launch day. We previously did benchmarks of the Intel Atom C3338 series so if you wanted to get a full spectrum of this line’s potential performance we have both the top and bottom end SKUs presented in our Intel Atom C3955 benchmark piece linked below. If you want to learn more about the platform and the launch SKUs we also have the preliminary SKU list and talk about all of the SKU differentiation vectors and features that the new “Denverton” series has.

Intel Atom C3000 Series Preliminary SKUs and Platform Architecture

We are going to keep this piece updated as there is a good chance the preliminary information we received will change. Here is our piece with an overview of the fifteen launch SKUs as well as the key points of differentiation. The Intel Atom C3000 series SKU stack has many more variables than the Intel Atom C2000 series did.

Intel Atom C3000 Series Benchmarks

At STH on launch day, we will have published benchmarks for the top and bottom of the Intel Atom C3000 series SKU stack with more to come.

Intel Atom C3000 Series System and Platform Coverage

In addition to benchmarks, we are going to be reviewing platforms for launch.

Previous Coverage of Intel Atom C3000 Codename Denverton

While we expect all major server and data center tech sites to have extensive coverage on launch day, at STH we have already done quite a bit of work with “Denverton”:

We will have plenty of coverage on the Intel Atom C3000 series over the coming weeks and have a full review pipeline alongside our AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable content.


  1. The issue is that these are being published on different dates and putting everything into a single page would result in large downloads and 10,000+ word pages.

    Most other sites that do in-depth coverage do paginated which achieves something similar.

    The other alternative is to just do less.


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